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Words ending with: ative

18 letter words that end with ative


17 letter words that end with ative

misrepresentative neurodegenerative nonrepresentative superconservative superregenerative ultraconservative

16 letter words that end with ative

archconservative contraindicative noncommunicative overconservative semiconservative semiquantitative unrepresentative

15 letter words that end with ative

antispeculative electronegative excommunicative incommunicative neoconservative nonconservative nonexploitative nonquantitative overimaginative phosphorylative prognosticative uncommunicative undemonstrative

14 letter words that end with ative

administrative antiderivative conglomerative disaggregative discriminative disintegrative inappreciative interoperative interpretative multiplicative noncommutative noncooperative nonspeculative photooxidative redintegrative rehabilitative representative substantiative transformative unappreciative

13 letter words that end with ative

accommodative acculturative agglomerative agglutinative antinarrative appropriative approximative argumentative authoritative collaborative commemorative commiserative communicative concentrative confederative configurative contaminative contemplative corroborative demonstrative deteriorative determinative disseminative dissimilative extrapolative frequentative gesticulative incorporative intercalative interpolative interrogative investigative justificative noncumulative nonderivative nonevaluative nonfigurative overtalkative participative photonegative postoperative precipitative prefigurative premeditative proliferative ratiocinative reciprocative recriminative reduplicative reintegrative remonstrative resuscitative reverberative significative subordinative transmutative uncooperative unimaginative uninformative

12 letter words that end with ative

accelerative accumulative adjudicative alimentative alliterative amalgamative ameliorative annihilative anticipative anticreative appreciative articulative asseverative assimilative augmentative auscultative compensative conciliative consecrative conservative consultative consummative continuative coordinative degenerative deliberative denominative denunciative depreciative desiderative dissociative exaggerative excogitative exhilarative exploitative facilitative fermentative illuminative illustrative infiltrative manipulative noncombative nonimitative nonnarrative nonnormative nonoperative obliterative opinionative performative preoperative presentative preservative preventative quantitative recuperative regenerative remunerative renunciative seronegative sustentative vituperative

11 letter words that end with ative

acetylative adumbrative adversative affirmative affricative aggregative alleviative altercative alternative appellative applicative arbitrative associative assortative calculative carminative circulative colligative combinative commutative comparative confutative conjugative connotative cooperative corporative correlative declarative deformative degradative delineative denigrative desiccative designative devastative deverbative dissipative duplicative elaborative eliminative elucidative enumerative eradicative evaporative exfoliative exhortative exonerative expectative explanative explicative explorative extirpative facultative germinative gravitative imaginative implicative informative inoculative inoperative insinuative instigative integrative irradiative legislative lubricative meliorative noncreative nonnegative nonrelative nuncupative originative penetrative personative predicative preparative prerogative procreative propagative provocative qualitative rebarbative reeducative reformative reiterative replicative reprobative restorative retaliative segregative speculative sporulative stimulative subcurative suffocative superlative suppurative syncopative terminative titillative translative uncombative vindicative

10 letter words that end with ative

abdicative abrogative accusative adaptative adequative admirative advocative alterative ampliative annotative cogitative constative copulative cumulative cunctative decorative dedicative denotative depurative derivative derogative detonative dominative enervative estimative evacuative evaluative excitative execrative federative figurative generative imperative imputative inchoative incubative indicative indurative initiative innovative irrelative irritative lacerative limitative meditative mitigative motivative nominative palliative pejorative permeative recitative recreative regulative renovative reparative ruminative separative simulative tolerative ulcerative uncreative vegetative

9 letter words that end with ative

agitative calmative causative collative combative educative emanative emulative evocative exudative formative fricative hortative imitative iterative laudative lucrative mediative narrative nonnative normative operative oxidative placative portative privative probative purgative radiative summative talkative tentative violative

8 letter words that end with ative

ablative allative conative creative curative dilative donative durative ergative fixative ideative illative laxative ligative locative mutative negative optative putative relative rotative sanative sedative vocative

7 letter words that end with ative

amative elative stative

6 letter words that end with ative

dative native