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Words ending with: ifies

15 letter words that end with ifies


14 letter words that end with ifies

bourgeoisifies overclassifies overidentifies oversimplifies transmogrifies

13 letter words that end with ifies

misclassifies misidentifies subclassifies

12 letter words that end with ifies

complexifies declassifies dehumidifies disqualifies precertifies prequalifies presignifies prespecifies reclassifies reidentifies resolidifies saccharifies

11 letter words that end with ifies

commodifies deacidifies decalcifies decertifies demystifies denitrifies devitrifies diversifies electrifies exemplifies frenchifies indemnifies intensifies objectifies personifies preachifies premodifies prenotifies recertifies refortifies requalifies semideifies solemnifies speechifies syllabifies

10 letter words that end with ifies

alkalifies ammonifies beautifies classifies copurifies detoxifies emulsifies esterifies etherifies fructifies gentrifies humidifies identifies lapidifies opsonifies prettifies quantifies recodifies remodifies renotifies repacifies repurifies resinifies reverifies revivifies rigidifies sanctifies saponifies silicifies simplifies solidifies stellifies stratifies stultifies

9 letter words that end with ifies

acetifies acidifies amplifies beatifies brutifies calcifies carnifies certifies clarifies coalifies crucifies damnifies dandifies densifies dignifies dulcifies falsifies fancifies fortifies glorifies gratifies horrifies jellifies jollifies justifies lignifies liquifies lithifies magnifies metrifies micrifies mollifies mortifies mummifies mystifies nigrifies nitrifies nullifies opacifies petrifies qualifies rectifies reedifies reunifies russifies salsifies scarifies scorifies signifies specifies tackifies terrifies testifies torrifies verbifies versifies vitrifies zincifies zinkifies zombifies

8 letter words that end with ifies

aerifies basifies citifies codifies gasifies ignifies minifies modifies nidifies notifies ossifies pacifies purifies ramifies rarifies ratifies salifies typifies uglifies verifies vilifies vinifies vivifies

7 letter words that end with ifies

deifies edifies reifies unifies