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Words ending with: rous

18 letter words that end with rous


17 letter words that end with rous


15 letter words that end with rous


14 letter words that end with rous

diamondiferous ultraglamorous

13 letter words that end with rous

aluminiferous ambidexterous argentiferous bibliolatrous brachypterous carboniferous fossiliferous garnetiferous graminivorous heteropterous heterosporous hymenopterous insectivorous lepidopterous metalliferous nickeliferous ovoviviparous splendiferous stoloniferous umbelliferous unadventurous

12 letter words that end with rous

ambidextrous amentiferous cantankerous coleopterous heliolatrous luminiferous macropterous microsporous neuropterous noncancerous nonglamorous obstreperous overgenerous precancerous preposterous salutiferous seleniferous semilustrous seminiferous slaughterous soporiferous sudoriferous titaniferous unchivalrous unprosperous viruliferous

11 letter words that end with rous

adiaphorous adipocerous adventurous calciferous carnivorous congenerous cruciferous cupriferous ferriferous fissiparous floriferous frugivorous granivorous gypsiferous hemipterous herbivorous homopterous homosporous lactiferous microporous multiparous nulliparous odoriferous pentamerous pestiferous phosphorous piscivorous polyandrous polyestrous primiparous somniferous splendorous tetramerous treacherous triquetrous unglamorous

10 letter words that end with rous

adulterous allomerous aposporous aquiferous armigerous auriferous blusterous boisterous cadaverous chivalrous clangorous coniferous disastrous glamourous gynandrous idolatrous indecorous innumerous languorous luciferous malodorous monestrous nonferrous omnivorous pellagrous plunderous prosperous roisterous sinistrous slanderous slumberous splendrous stertorous sulphurous thunderous traitorous ungenerous unhumorous viviparous vociferous

9 letter words that end with rous

anestrous anhydrous barbarous cancerous cankerous chancrous clamorous coumarous dangerous dexterous diestrous dipterous froufrous fulgurous glamorous lecherous ludicrous meandrous mercurous monstrous murderous murmurous nectarous nonporous oviparous ponderous rancorous rapturous rivalrous slumbrous sorcerous stuporous sulfurous susurrous tenebrous torturous trimerous venturous verdurous vulturous

8 letter words that end with rous

amberous anserous apterous arborous biparous butyrous canorous chlorous cribrous cumbrous decorous desirous dextrous dimerous dolorous elytrous feverous generous glabrous goitrous humorous ichorous imporous lustrous numerous ocherous oestrous rigorous saporous savorous scabrous sclerous sombrous sonorous suberous timorous tuberous tumorous ulcerous valorous vaporous vigorous viperous wondrous

7 letter words that end with rous

acerous amorous anurous cirrous citrous cuprous estrous ferrous fibrous hydrous leprous nitrous ochrous odorous onerous petrous

6 letter words that end with rous

aurous cerous parous porous serous torous