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Words ending with: sions

18 letter words that end with sions

counteraggressions immunosuppressions neurotransmissions

17 letter words that end with sions

miscomprehensions noncomprehensions

16 letter words that end with sions

autotransfusions immunodiffusions incomprehensions interconversions misapprehensions

15 letter words that end with sions

antidepressions antisubversions hyperextensions interdiffusions overpersuasions retransmissions seroconversions ultraprecisions uncircumcisions

14 letter words that end with sions

animadversions antirecessions bioconversions comprehensions condescensions decompressions dispossessions interspersions introgressions misimpressions nonaggressions nonconclusions nonpossessions overexpansions overextensions photoemissions prepossessions pretermissions retrogressions subcommissions transgressions

13 letter words that end with sions

apprehensions circumcisions circumfusions decommissions derepressions dermabrasions extraversions extroversions hypertensions intercessions intermissions intersessions intromissions introversions malocclusions nonadmissions noninclusions preadmissions recommissions reconversions reimpressions repercussions repossessions reprehensions resubmissions retrocessions retroversions supersessions transmissions

12 letter words that end with sions

ambiversions compressions disillusions hypotensions imprecisions interfusions manumissions misdivisions nondecisions posttensions progressions reaccessions readmissions reprovisions subdecisions subdivisions supervisions suppressions transfusions

11 letter words that end with sions

abscissions abstersions aggressions commissions compassions compulsions concessions conclusions concussions confessions conversions convulsions declensions depressions descensions digressions discussions dismissions dispassions dispersions displosions dissensions dissuasions distensions expressions impressions indecisions ingressions misprisions oppressions percussions permissions persuasions perversions possessions precessions preclusions prehensions pretensions processions professions propulsions protrusions redivisions reemissions regressions reinvasions repressions rescissions responsions submersions submissions subversions successions suspensions televisions

10 letter words that end with sions

accensions accessions admissions ascensions aspersions collisions collusions concisions confusions contusions corrasions corrosions demissions diffusions dimensions diversions egressions exclusions excursions expansions explosions expulsions extensions extrusions immersions impassions implosions impulsions inclusions incursions intensions intrusions inversions obsessions obtrusions occlusions perfusions pervasions precisions prelusions previsions profusions prolusions provisions recensions recessions reclusions recursions remissions repulsions reversions revulsions secessions seclusions suffusions

9 letter words that end with sions

abrasions adhesions affusions allusions aversions avulsions cohesions decisions delusions derisions divisions eclosions effusions emersions emissions emulsions envisions eversions evulsions excisions illusions incisions infusions inhesions invasions occasions omissions recisions revisions scansions scissions sponsions

8 letter words that end with sions

abusions cessions elisions elusions erasions erosions evasions fissions mansions missions passions pensions plosions pulsions sessions suasions tensions torsions versions

7 letter words that end with sions

basions fusions lesions nasions visions