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Words ending with: ures

22 letter words that end with ures


17 letter words that end with ures

countersignatures microvasculatures

16 letter words that end with ures

counterpressures nonarchitectures technostructures

15 letter words that end with ures

countercultures countermeasures distemperatures infrastructures macrostructures microstructures premanufactures superstructures ultimogenitures ultrastructures understructures

14 letter words that end with ures

aerostructures arboricultures micropunctures nondisclosures nonforfeitures primogenitures remanufactures subliteratures underexposures

13 letter words that end with ures

abbreviatures antipleasures architectures citricultures discomfitures discomposures floricultures horticultures intercultures intermixtures magistratures microcultures misadventures nomenclatures overexposures overpressures peradventures photogravures piscicultures postfractures predepartures prestructures silvicultures somatopleures substructures sylvicultures venipunctures

12 letter words that end with ures

acupressures acupunctures agricultures aquacultures aquicultures candidatures conjunctures contractures disjunctures displeasures divestitures entablatures expenditures foreclosures incurvatures investitures legislatures manufactures maricultures monocultures musculatures portraitures reconfigures relicensures restructures rotogravures sericultures supernatures supersedures temperatures transfigures vasculatures vinicultures viticultures

11 letter words that end with ures

antinatures apicultures avicultures caricatures commissures commixtures conjectures contextures disclosures embouchures forfeitures impressures judicatures literatures nunciatures overinsures prefectures premeasures quadratures reexposures roquelaures subcultures subseizures

10 letter words that end with ures

admeasures admixtures adventures affixtures calentures chaussures chevelures cocultures cofeatures composures configures confitures covertures curvatures debentures defeatures departures disfigures disposures embrasures enclosures enraptures furnitures garnitures immixtures impostures inclosures indentures licensures miniatures outfigures prefigures prelatures prematures procedures recaptures remeasures retextures scriptures sculptures sepultures signatures strictures structures tablatures

9 letter words that end with ures

apertures arcatures armatures brochures ceintures cinctures coendures coiffures coinsures creatures cubatures cynosures denatures doublures exposures filatures fractures genitures immatures incisures jointures junctures ligatures manicures moistures overcures overtures pedicures pleasures pressures punctures reassures refigures reinjures reinsures renatures resecures scissures sinecures tinctures treasures tressures tubulures

8 letter words that end with ures

abatures bordures captures censures closures clotures coenures conjures coutures cultures dasyures dentures epicures erasures factures failures features fissures fixtures flexures furfures gestures gravures guipures gyplures hachures lectures leisures measures mixtures multures nervures nurtures obscures pastures perdures perjures pictures postures precures procures purpures raptures rondures ruptures seisures seizures soilures statures textures tonsures tortures ventures verdures vestures vultures waftures

7 letter words that end with ures

abjures actures adjures allures armures assures colures endures ensures figures fixures futures immures injures insures lemures ligures manures matures natures ordures parures rasures secures stoures sutures tenures velures

6 letter words that end with ures

alures azures enures inures

5 letter words that end with ures

aures cures dures lures mures