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Words ending with: ves

18 letter words that end with ves

nonrepresentatives ultraconservatives

17 letter words that end with ves

antihypertensives archconservatives counterincentives counteroffensives ultraprogressives

16 letter words that end with ves

neoconservatives nonconservatives subcontraoctaves

15 letter words that end with ves

anticonvulsives antiderivatives antisubversives contrapositives interoperatives nonprogressives representatives

14 letter words that end with ves

anticorrosives collaboratives commemoratives comprehensives contemplatives contraceptives demonstratives determinatives frequentatives handkerchieves interrogatives nonderivatives retrospectives

13 letter words that end with ves

augmentatives conservatives contraoctaves cryopreserves denominatives disincentives distributives ditransitives hypertensives imperfectives interinvolves intransitives leatherleaves mantelshelves neckerchieves noneffectives nonexecutives nonexplosives nonnarratives normotensives performatives photoengraves preservatives preventatives quarterstaves reproductives underachieves

12 letter words that end with ves

abstractives adversatives affirmatives affricatives alternatives antitussives appellatives attributives carminatives cloverleaves comparatives conjunctives consumptives cooperatives correlatives countermoves declaratives deverbatives diapositives disjunctives hyperactives hypotensives legislatives microgrooves misconceives misperceives nonelectives nonrelatives obstructives overachieves perspectives pocketknives preconceives preparatives prerogatives progressives provocatives restoratives restrictives shirtsleeves subcuratives subjunctives substantives superlatives

11 letter words that end with ves

abstersives accusatives aftershaves alteratives apperceives appositives architraves bookshelves collectives compulsives connectives constatives copulatives correctives definitives depressives derivatives diminutives disapproves disbelieves extractives headscarves imperatives inchoatives indicatives infinitives ingressives initiatives interfluves interleaves interweaves locomotives misbelieves nominatives outachieves palliatives pejoratives pendentives perfectives possessives preapproves preventives recitatives reconceives redissolves scrumhalves semidwarves spokeshaves subjectives subversives sugarloaves theirselves turtledoves

10 letter words that end with ves

aardwolves adjectives adventives afterlives autoclaves brainwaves calmatives causatives champleves cookstoves corrosives cowlstaves defectives defensives detectives detersives digestives directives drawknives drawshaves effectives exclusives executives expletives explosives flagstaves forehooves formatives fricatives gerundives housewives implosives incentives inceptives intensives intrusives invectives jackknives kerchieves longleaves meatloaves microwaves misbehaves mooncalves narratives nonnatives objectives obsessives offensives operatives overdrives palsgraves pikestaves primitives privatives purgatives reapproves recessives reengraves reflexives reobserves semibreves sensitives shinleaves shortwaves superwaves superwives tentatives themselves undeceives unreserves werewolves woodstoves yourselves

9 letter words that end with ves

abessives ablatives abrasives additives adessives adhesives agentives aggrieves allatives auditives burgraves coderives coevolves conceives conclaves conserves contrives convolves curatives disproves disserves dissolves donatives duratives ejectives electives endleaves eruptives farmwives fishwives fixatives flyleaves folklives foxgloves fugitives genitives goodwives halflives illatives kalewives ladyloves laxatives lenitives locatives mangroves margraves misdrives negatives nonselves nosedives optatives ourselves outbraves outcurves outdrives outserves overlives overloves oversaves penknives perceives positives preserves regrooves relatives reprieves restrives retrieves ringdoves sedatives subserves tealeaves tipstaves trivalves trueloves univalves vocatives vomitives werwolves

8 letter words that end with ves

Maldives absolves achieves airwaves alewives approves archives beehives behalves behooves believes bereaves bivalves captives codrives commoves concaves connives cursives deceives decurves deleaves depraves deprives deserves devolves dissaves distaves elatives enclaves engraves enslaves exclaves forgives huswives improves incurves innerves involves inweaves jussives khedives lowlives midlives midwives misgives mislives mismoves missives nonlives observes oldwives outgives outlives outloves outmoves outraves passives plosives prelives receives recurves redrives relieves reproves reserves reshaves resolves revolves reweaves scrieves shrieves skydives statives survives ungloves unnerves unreeves unweaves upcurves upheaves

7 letter words that end with ves

actives alcoves amooves arrives behaves behoves cleaves datives derives dwarves endives evolves glaives greaves grieves grooves motives natives octaves regives releves relives removes repaves resaves revives scarves scrives sheaves sheeves shelves shrives sleaves sleeves starves steeves strives swerves thieves thraves thrives twelves unlives updives votives wharves wherves zouaves

6 letter words that end with ves

aboves agaves amoves beeves braves breves calves carves chives claves cloves corves craves curves deaves delves drives droves fauves gloves graves groves halves heaves helves hooves keeves knaves knives leaves loaves mauves naives nerves nieves ogives olives peeves pelves pooves proves reaves reeves reives salves selves serves shaves shives shoves sieves skives slaves soaves solves staves stoves swives traves troves turves valves varves verves