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Words that start with: aff

16 letter words that start with aff


15 letter words that start with aff

affectabilities affectivenesses affordabilities affranchisement

14 letter words that start with aff

affectednesses affectionately affectlessness affenpinschers affluentnesses afforestations affreightments

13 letter words that start with aff

affectability affectionally affectionless affectiveness affectivities affenpinscher affirmatively affordability afforestation affranchising affreightment affrightening affrightments

12 letter words that start with aff

affabilities affectations affectedness affectionate affectioning afficionados affiliations affirmations affirmatives afflictively affluentials affluentness afforcements afforestable affranchised affranchises affrications affricatives affrightedly affrightened affrightment affrontingly

11 letter words that start with aff

affectation affectingly affectional affectioned affectively affectivity affeerments afficionado affiliating affiliation affirmances affirmation affirmative affirmatory affirmingly affixations afflictings afflictions affluencies affluential afforcement afforesting affranchise affricating affrication affricative affrightens affrightful affrighting affrontings

10 letter words that start with aff

affability affectable affectedly affections affectless affeerment afferently affettuoso affiancing affidavits affiliable affiliated affiliates affinities affinitive affirmable affirmance affirmants affixation affixments affixtures afflations afflatuses afflicters afflicting affliction afflictive affluences affluently affluenzas affluxions affoording affordable affordably afforested affrapping affricated affricates affrighted affrighten affronting affrontive

9 letter words that start with aff

affearing affecters affecting affection affective affeering afferents affianced affiances affidavit affiliate affirmant affirmers affirming affixable affixment affixture afflation afflicted afflicter affluence affluency affluents affluenza affluxion affoorded afforcing affording afforests affrapped affrayers affraying affrended affricate affrights affronted affrontee affusions

8 letter words that start with aff

affaires affeared affeares affected affecter affeered afferent affiance affiants affiches affinely affinity affirmed affirmer affixers affixial affixing afflated afflatus afflicts affluent affluxes affoords afforced afforces afforded afforest affrayed affrayer affright affronte affronts affusion

7 letter words that start with aff

affable affably affaire affairs affeard affeare affears affects affeers affiant affiche affinal affined affines affirms affixal affixed affixer affixes afflict affoord afforce affords affraps affrays affrets affront affying

6 letter words that start with aff

affair affear affect affeer affied affies affine affirm afflux afford affrap affray affret affyde

5 letter words that start with aff


4 letter words that start with aff


3 letter words that start with aff