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Words ending with: ces

20 letter words that end with ces

counterintelligences countersurveillances countertransferences electroluminescences photoreconnaissances

19 letter words that end with ces

immunofluorescences thermoluminescences

18 letter words that end with ces

chemiluminescences magnetoresistances superintelligences triboluminescences

17 letter words that end with ces

counterinfluences immunocompetences

16 letter words that end with ces

administratrices bioluminescences counterevidences counterinstances counterviolences hypersomnolences interdependences nonindependences noninterferences phosphorescences superintendences thermoremanences videoconferences

15 letter words that end with ces

cephalothoraces condescendences correspondences counterbalances discontinuances discountenances disinheritances grandiloquences hypervigilances insignificances interinfluences intransigeances noncoincidences nonconcurrences nonconformances nonequivalences nonperformances omnicompetences overcompliances overconfidences overdependences overindulgences preadolescences preperformances reconnaissances rejuvenescences superabundances teleconferences

14 letter words that end with ces

adularescences birefringences circumferences clairaudiences concupiscences convalescences defervescences deliquescences disaffirmances disappearances effervescences efflorescences impercipiences incandescences inconsequences inconsistences inconveniences inflorescences intermittences intransigences jurisprudences magniloquences nonacceptances nonappearances nonattendances noncompliances nonconferences nonconfidences nonobservances nonoccurrences nonresistances overabundances overdominances pneumothoraces preponderances prepubescences pseudosciences recalcitrances recrudescences supereminences thoroughbraces transcendences transmittances ultradistances ultraviolences

13 letter words that end with ces

acquaintances acquiescences alkalescences appurtenances arborescences belligerences chimneypieces circumstances clairvoyances codependences complaisances concomitances concrescences counterforces detumescences disallowances disobediences disseverances equipollences ethnosciences extravagances fluorescences frontispieces happenchances happenstances hydrothoraces hypersurfaces impermanences impertinences improvidences inadvertences incalescences incognizances incompetences incongruences inconsonances incontinences indehiscences independences indifferences inexpediences inexperiences inobservances intelligences intemperances interferences intumescences juvenescences luminescences magnificences microbalances mispronounces misreferences multivalences neurosciences nonexistences noninfluences noninsurances nonresidences obsolescences omnipresences outreproduces overissuances overreliances pearlescences perseverances phosphoresces precipitances preclearances predominances preexistences protuberances quintessences reappearances recognizances reconveyances reexperiences reminiscences remonstrances reoccurrences resplendences reviviscences saccharomyces significances subserviences surveillances transferences transhumances translucences transparences undersurfaces unimportances

12 letter words that end with ces

abscondences absorptances accrescences acquittances adolescences aleggeaunces ambivalences antecedences antisciences attractances beneficences benevolences candescences capacitances centerpieces chrominances coadjutrices coalescences coexistences coincidences coinsurances comeuppances commonplaces complacences concordances concurrences conductances conferrences conformances consequences consistences contingences continuances contrivances conveniences convergences conversances cotransduces countenances deliverances dereferences despondences discordances disturbances dominatrices encumbrances equivalences evanescences excrescences exorbitances flamboyances florescences forbearances forbiddances fraudulences furtherances generatrices illuminances impenitences impuissances inappetences incoherences inexistences infrequences inheritances inheritrices insentiences insouciances intolerances iridescences irrelevances irreverences letterspaces maintenances maleficences malevolences malfeasances malpractices mantelpieces marketplaces masterpieces mesalliances mesothoraces metathoraces misalliances misfeasances misguidances munificences nonchalances nonevidences nonfeasances nonsentences nonviolences omnipotences omnisciences opalescences outdistances overbalances overproduces overservices percipiences performances persistences photoreduces polyvalences preannounces preeminences presentences proveniences putrescences reassurances reemergences reflectances reinsurances reintroduces remembrances renaissances resemblances streptomyces stringpieces submergences subsentences subsequences subsistences superhelices superinduces transpierces turgescences

11 letter words that end with ces

abhorrences absorbances abstinences acceptances accomplices accordances actinomyces admiraunces admittances advertences affirmances afterpieces albescences allegeances allegiances altarpieces alternances appearances applesauces apprentices ascendances ascendences assistances attendances biosciences birthplaces brilliances cantatrices chatoyances cockatrices cognizances competences compliances condolences conferences confidences confluences congruences connivances consciences consonances continences convalesces conveyances corpulences covariances crawlspaces crosspieces cyberspaces defeasances dehiscences deliquesces dentifrices dependances dependences desistances deterrences differences diffidences directrices disservices dissidences dissonances divergences divulgences ebulliences effervesces effloresces effulgences excellences executrices expectances expediences experiences exuberances fieldpieces flatulences geosciences governances grandnieces hydrospaces hyperspaces immittances impatiences importances imprudences incandesces incipiences incurrences inductances indulgences inelegances insistences insurgences intendances interspaces interstices invariances irradiances luxuriances malignances mediatrices misbalances monstrances mouthpieces negligences neocortices nonsciences nurturances observances occurrences ordonnances outbalances outproduces penetrances permanences pertinences pestilences precedences preferences prefinances presciences prevalences prominences prothoraces provenances providences pubescences purtenances purveyances quiescences recommences reconvinces recrudesces recurrences reentrances refulgences reluctances remittances renascences repentances reprobances repugnances resentences resiliences resistances resurgences scapegraces senescences shankpieces somnolences subsciences subsidences subsurfaces succulences sufferances suppliances survivances sustenances temperances testatrices threepences transiences truculences tumescences turbulences uncoalesces underprices vicariances virescences

10 letter words that end with ces

aberrances abondances abundances accedences accidences acescences acquiesces adherences adjacences admirances aerospaces

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