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Words ending with: ives

18 letter words that end with ives

nonrepresentatives ultraconservatives

17 letter words that end with ives

antihypertensives archconservatives counterincentives counteroffensives ultraprogressives

16 letter words that end with ives

neoconservatives nonconservatives

15 letter words that end with ives

anticonvulsives antiderivatives antisubversives contrapositives interoperatives nonprogressives representatives

14 letter words that end with ives

anticorrosives collaboratives commemoratives comprehensives contemplatives contraceptives demonstratives determinatives frequentatives interrogatives nonderivatives retrospectives

13 letter words that end with ives

augmentatives conservatives denominatives disincentives distributives ditransitives hypertensives imperfectives intransitives noneffectives nonexecutives nonexplosives nonnarratives normotensives performatives preservatives preventatives reproductives

12 letter words that end with ives

abstractives adversatives affirmatives affricatives alternatives antitussives appellatives attributives carminatives comparatives conjunctives consumptives cooperatives correlatives declaratives deverbatives diapositives disjunctives hyperactives hypotensives legislatives misconceives misperceives nonelectives nonrelatives obstructives perspectives pocketknives preconceives preparatives prerogatives progressives provocatives restoratives restrictives subcuratives subjunctives substantives superlatives

11 letter words that end with ives

abstersives accusatives alteratives apperceives appositives collectives compulsives connectives constatives copulatives correctives definitives depressives derivatives diminutives extractives imperatives inchoatives indicatives infinitives ingressives initiatives locomotives nominatives palliatives pejoratives pendentives perfectives possessives preventives recitatives reconceives subjectives subversives

10 letter words that end with ives

adjectives adventives afterlives calmatives causatives corrosives defectives defensives detectives detersives digestives directives drawknives effectives exclusives executives expletives explosives formatives fricatives gerundives housewives implosives incentives inceptives intensives intrusives invectives jackknives narratives nonnatives objectives obsessives offensives operatives overdrives primitives privatives purgatives recessives reflexives sensitives superwives tentatives undeceives

9 letter words that end with ives

abessives ablatives abrasives additives adessives adhesives agentives allatives auditives coderives conceives contrives curatives donatives duratives ejectives electives eruptives farmwives fishwives fixatives folklives fugitives genitives goodwives halflives illatives kalewives laxatives lenitives locatives misdrives negatives nosedives optatives outdrives overlives penknives perceives positives relatives restrives sedatives vocatives vomitives

8 letter words that end with ives

Maldives alewives archives beehives captives codrives connives cursives deceives deprives elatives forgives huswives jussives khedives lowlives midlives midwives misgives mislives missives nonlives oldwives outgives outlives passives plosives prelives receives redrives skydives statives survives

7 letter words that end with ives

actives arrives datives derives endives glaives motives natives regives relives revives scrives shrives strives thrives unlives updives votives

6 letter words that end with ives

chives drives knives naives ogives olives reives shives skives swives waives

5 letter words that end with ives

dives fives gives hives jives lives rives wives

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