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Words ending with: ning

19 letter words that end with ning


18 letter words that end with ning

counterpetitioning counterquestioning

17 letter words that end with ning


16 letter words that end with ning

disproportioning hyperfunctioning

15 letter words that end with ning

counterstaining decommissioning overlengthening preconditioning recommissioning restrengthening

14 letter words that end with ning

countersigning deconditioning disillusioning electrowinning foreshortening malfunctioning misfunctioning mispositioning nonfunctioning nonthreatening overcautioning overconcerning overexplaining oversweetening overtightening posttensioning predetermining propositioning reapportioning reconditioning repartitioning reprovisioning requisitioning superhardening unenlightening

13 letter words that end with ning

affrightening ammunitioning casehardening clotheslining commissioning countermining disheartening foreordaining herringboning housecleaning incarnadining interchaining miscaptioning outbargaining overburdening overdesigning overgoverning overstraining precautioning premoistening preportioning presweetening pretensioning processioning proportioning rechristening redetermining repositioning straightening strengthening transitioning uncomplaining unquestioning unthreatening

12 letter words that end with ning

accessioning affectioning afterburning appertaining apportioning ascertaining breadwinning caparisoning carillonning chairmanning cocaptaining companioning conditioning constraining contravening dimensioning disburdening disciplining disinclining encrimsoning enlightening ensanguining entertaining foretokening guillotining heartburning heterodyning honeymooning hydroplaning impassioning intertwining misbeginning misbuttoning misgoverning misreckoning nonfattening nonhappening outdesigning overcleaning overlearning overplanning overtraining partitioning preassigning predestining preordaining prescreening previsioning prizewinning provisioning quarantining rataplanning reenthroning refashioning refreshening remoistening repatterning retightening streamlining sunscreening suspicioning trampolining truncheoning turpentining underpinning underrunning undersigning undiscerning

11 letter words that end with ning

ambitioning aquaplaning auditioning baserunning bedarkening bedeafening bemaddening bescreening bludgeoning bourgeoning brightening bulletining calcimining campaigning caravanning chagrinning chairmaning championing chaperoning christening codesigning complaining coxswaining damascening deadpanning decisioning determining discrowning distraining emblazoning emboldening empoisoning envisioning extermining forerunning forewarning fountaining fractioning frightening functioning garrisoning heightening holystoning imboldening importuning imprisoning interlining intervening jettisoning lengthening maintaining marathoning megaphoning misaligning misdefining mislearning misplanning mistraining munitioning occasioning outfrowning outgrinning outlearning outplanning outpreening outscorning outspanning overburning overmanning overrunning overturning overweening paraffining pavilioning petitioning picarooning positioning postweaning precleaning predefining preplanning pretraining questioning reassigning reattaining reawakening rebeginning rebuttoning recombining reconvening redesigning reexamining refastening rehardening reimagining reobtaining reordaining replevining rescreening reseasoning restraining resummoning sailplaning sanctioning shoehorning shotgunning smoothening squadroning straitening submarining supervening telephoning threatening tobogganing unburdening unbuttoning uncoffining underlining undermining undesigning unfastening unloosening unreasoning vacationing windburning

10 letter words that end with ning

abandoning abstaining adjourning arraigning auctioning ballooning bargaining beclowning bedizening begroaning bethorning betokening blackening broadening burgeoning burthening calamining captaining captioning caravaning cartooning cautioning chagrining chastening cheapening chickening clarioning coalmining coarsening concerning condemning conjoining consigning containing contemning crimsoning crispening curtaining cushioning datelining decrowning denizening deraigning destaining dethroning detraining discerning disdaining disjoining dislimning distaining dragooning dungeoning echeloning embrowning enchaining engraining enlivening enshrining enthroning entraining environing explaining fashioning festooning fissioning flattening freshening gadrooning gangrening gladdening glistening greatening gudgeoning guerdoning gunrunning harpooning harshening headlining hearkening heartening hoarsening illumining imbrowning impregning ingraining inshrining inspanning inthroning javelining julienning lampooning landowning lightening mainlining medicining mentioning midmorning misatoning miscoining misjoining mispenning missioning moistening mullioning nonearning nonwinning outburning outearning outfawning outgaining outgunning outmanning outrunning outshining outsinning overmining paragoning patterning pensioning pertaining pipelining platooning plumpening portioning postponing preopening prewarning preweaning purloining quickening quietening rattooning readorning realigning recleaning recrowning redefining refraining regreening relearning relumining replanning rescanning retraining rewakening rewidening roughening sectioning sharpening shortening sidelining slackening sleekening smartening sojourning stationing steepening stiffening stoutening subjoining suctioning sunburning sustaining sweetening tensioning thickening tightening toughening trapanning trepanning trephining unchaining uncrowning unlearning unthroning versioning volplaning youthening

9 letter words that end with ning

actioning adjoining assigning attaining attorning awakening battening beaconing beckoning bedamning beelining beginning bemeaning bemoaning blazoning brazening burdening buttoning calcining cannoning cantoning careening cartoning caverning chicaning cocooning coffining cojoining combining communing condoning confining convening cordoning cosigning cottoning couponing cravening crayoning dampening darkening deaconing deadening deafening decerning declining deepening dehorning demeaning deplaning designing destining detaining deveining disowning doggoning eloigning

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