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Words ending with: ous

20 letter words that end with ous


18 letter words that end with ous

adenocarcinomatous microlepidopterous verisimilitudinous

17 letter words that end with ous

organophosphorous overconscientious

16 letter words that end with ous

anthropomorphous monocotyledonous sclerenchymatous

15 letter words that end with ous

amaryllidaceous anthropophagous antituberculous basidiomycetous collenchymatous contemporaneous deuteranomalous disadvantageous echinodermatous enantiomorphous epitheliomatous excrementitious hyperfastidious nonsimultaneous pulchritudinous ultrafastidious unfossiliferous unselfconscious vicissitudinous

14 letter words that end with ous

actinomorphous actinomycetous adiathermanous aerenchymatous amaranthaceous campylotropous chlorophyllous consanguineous contradictious diamondiferous dicotyledonous extemporaneous geosynchronous hemimetabolous heterophyllous holometabolous hyperconscious ichthyophagous interreligious intracutaneous multireligious myrmecophilous nonfilamentous nonhomogeneous nonnitrogenous nonsynchronous overfastidious overscrupulous oversolicitous oversuspicious pachydermatous papilionaceous parenchymatous pseudomorphous semiautonomous socioreligious superambitious superluxurious supposititious transcutaneous ultraglamorous ultrahazardous unostentatious

13 letter words that end with ous

acotyledonous allochthonous aluminiferous amarantaceous ambidexterous amphitrichous angiospermous antireligious argentiferous arteriovenous autocephalous autochthonous bibliolatrous brachypterous camphoraceous carboniferous carcinomatous cartilaginous cavernicolous cleistogamous condylomatous conscientious consentaneous diathermanous discontinuous disharmonious emphysematous enterocoelous entomophagous entomophilous exanthematous fossiliferous garnetiferous graminivorous granulomatous gymnospermous hematophagous heterocystous heterogeneous heteropterous heterosporous hymenopterous hypercautious inconspicuous inefficacious inhomogeneous insectivorous instantaneous lepidopterous medicamentous metalliferous microphyllous miscellaneous mucocutaneous multitudinous mycetophagous nickeliferous nonautonomous noncontagious noncontiguous noncontinuous nongregarious nonhomologous nonindigenous noninfectious nonleguminous nonmonogamous nonnutritious overambitious overconscious overcredulous overingenious ovoviviparous papillomatous perspicacious phycomycetous platitudinous plenitudinous polychotomous porcellaneous prolegomenous proteinaceous pusillanimous rectitudinous sanctimonious semiconscious semireligious serendipitous splendiferous stercoraceous stoloniferous subbituminous subcoriaceous subreptitious subterraneous supercautious superstitious surreptitious tetradynamous thermophilous ultracautious umbelliferous unadventurous unceremonious uncontentious unmeritorious unpretentious zygodactylous

12 letter words that end with ous

acanthaceous achlamydeous acidophilous adscititious advantageous adventitious agaricaceous altitudinous ambidextrous amentiferous amphicoelous amphistomous amphitropous ampullaceous anemophilous anthophilous argillaceous ascomycetous asynchronous atheromatous cantankerous carbonaceous cementitious circumfluous coleopterous collembolous complicitous compunctious contemptuous conterminous contumacious contumelious coprophagous coprophilous cryptogamous diatomaceous discourteous disingenuous disputatious erythematous eurythermous gallinaceous gametogenous gamopetalous hebetudinous heliolatrous hematogenous heteroecious heterogamous heterogenous heterologous heteronomous heterozygous hygrophilous impetiginous inauspicious incommodious infelicitous inharmonious insalubrious luminiferous lymphomatous macropterous meretricious mesophyllous microsporous microvillous monadelphous mucilaginous multifarious mycetomatous myxedematous necrophagous neuropterous nonambiguous noncancerous nonconscious nonfrivolous nonglamorous nonhazardous nonpoisonous nonreligious nonunanimous obstreperous oleoresinous oligophagous orchidaceous orthotropous ostentatious overcautious overgenerous parsimonious pectinaceous percutaneous peritrichous pertinacious phytophagous polymorphous polypetalous polystichous porcelaneous precancerous preconscious preposterous presumptuous pseudonymous quadrumanous rambunctious sacrilegious salutiferous saprophagous schizogonous seleniferous semilustrous seminiferous semiprecious simultaneous slaughterous soporiferous steatopygous subconscious subcutaneous succedaneous sudoriferous supercilious suppositious titaniferous transpicuous trichotomous ultraserious uncensorious unchivalrous uncourageous unfastidious unharmonious unpropitious unprosperous unscrupulous unsuspicious vainglorious viruliferous

11 letter words that end with ous

ablatitious abstentious acarpellous acclivitous achromatous acrimonious acrocarpous acrodromous addititious adenomatous adiaphorous adipocerous adventurous albugineous alismaceous allotropous amentaceous ametabolous ammophilous amphibolous amphipodous anachronous androgynous anfractuous angiomatous anisogamous arenicolous atrabilious blasphemous burglarious cacophonous calcicolous calciferous calcifugous callipygous carnivorous catadromous cataractous ceremonious champertous chlamydeous collagenous compendious congenerous conspicuous contentious contrarious coterminous cruciferous crustaceous cupriferous declivitous deleterious diadelphous dichogamous dichotomous dissentious duplicitous efficacious expeditious fantabulous farinaceous farraginous ferriferous ferruginous fibromatous filamentous fissiparous flirtatious floriferous frugivorous granivorous gypsiferous hemipterous herbivorous homogeneous homophonous homopterous homosporous hydrogenous ignominious illustrious impecunious incongruous incredulous industrious injudicious intravenous irreligious isochronous isomorphous lactiferous lepromatous ligamentous magnanimous mellifluous meritorious microporous mischievous monophagous mountainous multiparous mycophagous myelogenous myelomatous necessitous nitrogenous nonluminous nonsensuous nonvenomous nulliparous odoriferous omnifarious opprobrious overanxious overcurious overobvious overserious overzealous pentamerous perspicuous pestiferous phosphorous piscivorous polyandrous polyestrous polyonymous polyphagous polyphonous precipitous prestigious pretentious primiparous prognathous promiscuous punctilious repetitious rhizomatous rumbustious sanguineous saponaceous sarcomatous scoriaceous scrumptious sententious serpiginous solanaceous somniferous splendorous spontaneous sporogenous sulphureous superfluous sympetalous symphonious synchronous tautologous temerarious tempestuous tendencious tendentious terraqueous terricolous terrigenous tetramerous treacherous triquetrous tuberculous unambiguous unambitious unconscious unfrivolous unglamorous unmalicious unmelodious unreligious unrighteous vertiginous xerophilous xylophagous

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