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Words ending with: ration

20 letter words that end with ration


19 letter words that end with ration


18 letter words that end with ration

antiadministration evapotranspiration hyperconcentration

17 letter words that end with ration

maladministration misadministration overconcentration

16 letter words that end with ration

biodeterioration coadministration disequilibration intercalibration interpenetration nonproliferation overexaggeration photorespiration preincorporation supercorporation

15 letter words that end with ration

deconcentration inconsideration intergeneration megacorporation misregistration overelaboration preregistration reconcentration reconfiguration reconsideration reincorporation reorchestration supersaturation transfiguration transliteration ultrafiltration

14 letter words that end with ration

administration commensuration concelebration conglomeration deconsecration defenestration deregistration disintegration noncelebration noncooperation overdecoration oversaturation postliberation preponderation reconsecration redintegration reinvigoration reregistration transmigration

13 letter words that end with ration

acculturation agglomeration collaboration commemoration commiseration concentration confederation configuration conflagration consideration corroboration decerebration demonstration deterioration discoloration equilibration expectoration incarceration incorporation orchestration perseveration prefiguration proliferation recalibration refrigeration reintegration remonstration reverberation sequestration structuration subgeneration subsaturation transpiration verbigeration

12 letter words that end with ration

acceleration adulteration alliteration amelioration asseveration cogeneration consecration conspiration deceleration deflagration degeneration deliberation denaturation desideration elucubration evisceration exaggeration exasperation exenteration exhilaration fenestration illustration immoderation inauguration incineration infiltration instauration inteneration invigoration ministration obliteration perpetration perspiration premigration recuperation redecoration regeneration registration remuneration renaturation scatteration vituperation vociferation

11 letter words that end with ration

adumbration arbitration botheration calibration celebration cerebration conjuration cooperation corporation declaration defloration dehydration denigration desecration desperation deuteration elaboration enamoration enumeration evaporation exoneration exploration frustration fulguration immigration impetration inspiration integration itineration lucubration melioration mensuration mercuration obscuration penetration perforation preparation procuration prostration rehydration reiteration remigration reoperation respiration restoration suppuration suspiration susurration trituration

10 letter words that end with ration

aberration abjuration acieration adjuration admiration alteration aspiration castration coloration deaeration decoration emigration execration expiration federation figuration filtration generation induration laceration liberation literation lustration maceration maturation moderation numeration obturation peroration reparation saturation separation toleration ulceration veneration

9 letter words that end with ration

adoration hydration iteration libration migration narration nitration operation proration serration titration vibration

8 letter words that end with ration

aeration duration gyration

7 letter words that end with ration


6 letter words that end with ration


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