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Words ending with: ving

14 letter words that end with ving

cryopreserving interinvolving photoengraving underachieving

13 letter words that end with ving

countermoving misconceiving misperceiving overachieving preconceiving

12 letter words that end with ving

apperceiving disapproving disbelieving interleaving interweaving misbelieving outachieving preapproving reconceiving redissolving thanksgiving

11 letter words that end with ving

autoclaving earthmoving laborsaving microwaving misbehaving overdriving reapproving reengraving reobserving timeserving unbelieving undeceiving undeserving unforgiving woodcarving

10 letter words that end with ving

aggrieving almsgiving caregiving coderiving coevolving conceiving conserving contriving convolving disproving disserving dissolving gaingiving lifesaving misdriving negativing outbraving outdriving outserving overliving overloving oversaving perceiving preserving regrooving reprieving restriving retrieving subserving timesaving unswerving

9 letter words that end with ving

absolving achieving approving archiving behooving believing bereaving codriving commoving concaving conniving deceiving decurving deleaving depraving depriving deserving devolving dissaving engraving enslaving forgiving improving incurving innerving involving inweaving lawgiving midwiving misgiving misliving mismoving nonliving nonmoving observing outgiving outliving outloving outmoving outraving receiving recurving redriving relieving reproving reserving reshaving resolving revolving reweaving scrieving shrieving skydiving surviving ungloving unnerving unreeving unweaving upcurving upheaving

8 letter words that end with ving

amooving arriving behaving behoving cleaving deriving evolving grieving grooving motiving regiving reliving removing repaving reviving scriving sheaving shelving shriving sleaving sleeving starving steeving striving swerving thieving thriving unliving unloving unmoving updiving

7 letter words that end with ving

amoving braving calving carving craving curving deaving delving driving droving gloving graving halving heaving helving leaving nerving peeving proving reaving reeving reiving revving salving serving shaving shoving sieving skiving slaving solving staving swiving valving waiving weaving

6 letter words that end with ving

Irving caving coving diving giving gyving having hiving jiving laving living loving moving paving raving riving roving saving waving wiving

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