The Top 7 Brain Training Apps Of 2024

Brain Training · April 2, 2024

Never has the need for brain training been so great as it is today.

Most of us spent much of the last few years at home in lockdown, teens stared at their screens and many of us suffered brain fog as a consequence.

So, what better way is there to boost our brain health than to try some brain training techniques. 

These top 7 brain training apps are designed to get your creative juices flowing and to help tone up your memory, reading and maths skills.

So, whether you need to polish up your home-schooling skills or you just want to keep your brain razor-sharp, there is a plethora of fantastic brain training apps to help you achieve your goals and improve your life.

Explore our top seven brain training apps for 2024 and flex those brain muscles into submission! 


Elevate is a front runner in brain training apps, with a personalised training programme to help you to improve, memory, writing skills, reading agility, focus, math skills and more. 

The personalised training programme adjusts with time to reflect your ability. 

This is a great test of skill and you are pitched against the clock so there is no time for procrastination, however you do get extra points for a rapid response. 

This app is definitely one to supercharge your brain on the daily commute. The reading tests will help you master new words and expand your vocabulary before you’ve even arrived at work!

Elevate is also compatible with Apple Watch.

Elevate offers a free basic version and a yearly subscription, which boasts of 35 games, the fee is determined by country. 

Peak Brain Training

Peak brain training has over 45 games to help to improve your problem solving, memory, mental agility, and more.

For those who don’t want to upgrade to Pro you can get a daily workout on the basic version, although you will need to sit through the ads.

The high-speed mini games test your wit and reaction time, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this app, the games have a Mensa type feel to them and you are left feeling quite exhausted after a few attempts!

There is a great little feature in Peak Brain Training that lets you know how well you are doing compared to other people in the same age bracket, and it will also monitor your score so you can see your progress. 

Users can upgrade to Pro which will cost you:

Yearly: $36.71

Lifetime one off payment: $112.99

One month only: $5.64

Peak Brain Training is compatible with Apple Watch.


Lumosity is the King of brain training apps; it was developed by a team of scientists to challenge the brain. The easy-to-follow instructions will soon have you on the way to flexing those cognitive muscles.

You will be given a 10-minute fit test to determine your skill level and you can also see how your score compares to others in your age group.

The detailed training insights help you discover and improve your strengths and weaknesses in areas including, memory, maths, language, problem solving, attention, logic and many more.

There is a mixture of puzzles and games to improve your cognitive skills.

A few of the games are a slower pace than some of the other apps, which can be a pleasant change depending on your mood.

A premium subscription is:

Monthly: $11.99 USD/month

Yearly: $59.99 USD / month


With MindPal you get personalised daily workouts which are designed to track your performance and challenge your brain. The training games are entertaining and the graphics are cute.

The word games help to develop and expand your vocabulary and writing skills, while the maths games help to improve mental agility and recall.

There is a great feature with which you can practice speed reading, comprehension and memory.

The word games have a countdown timer to allow you to race against the clock and encourage you to improve your cognitive skills.

MindPal is a close contender to the heavy weights in the brain training arena with its user-friendly interface and not too complex games which will help you to sculpt your problem-solving skills and improve your memory.  

MindPal is free to use but you can unlock more by upgrading to the pro version.

1 month: $7.99

1 year: $39.99

Lifetime: $99.99


Wordscapes is still holding its rank among the top brain training apps due to its simple, no fuss design.

This brain training word game is a fusion of an anagram game and a crossword. It is designed to improve your skills with anagram solving and crossword puzzling, as you connect the letters to find as many words as you can. 

This is an addictive game for players of all ages and it is easy to lose hours of your day finding the hidden words to complete the puzzle.

The more you play the harder the words get, testing your skill and sharpening your mind. There is no timer with this game so it offers a rather relaxing experience and it is hard to put down once you start playing.

Wordscapes offers you the ability to join a team to connect and play with others, it can also be played on multiple devices at one time so you can play with family and friends. 

You also have the option to upgrade to the no ad version of the game or you can choose to watch the ads to earn more coins.

4 Pics 1 Word

This picture word game gives us a slightly different slant on the traditional brain training games by showing you four related pictures or photos which all have one word in common, and a jumble of twelve letters.

It's your job to unscramble the letters to find the word, rather like an anagram. You may not always need to use all the letters depending on the word.

4 Pics 1 Word is a super addictive game which you’ll find hard to put down once you start. Guess the words and unlock the levels, it's as simple as that!

To play the game without the ads you can pay $2.81


This list of apps wouldn’t be complete without this oldie but goodie, this bonus app is everything you want from a word game, but be warned it’s totally addictive! 

WordJong compromises of a pile of letter tiles all stacked up, you then make as many words as you can from the letters to make the mountain of tiles disappear. Sounds easy right?

It is, until you get to the last few letters then your brain has to notch up a gear.  This app is perfect for Scrabble and anagram lovers everywhere!

You can have unlimited play and daily challenges with WordJong. 

In Conclusion

Over the past year, exercise has become an essential part of our daily routine and now is the best time to get our brains stimulated too. 

Try brain training for just ten minutes a day to exercise your brain and challenge your mind.  Keep your brain active by completing the daily challenges and watch as your score soars.

Whether you’re looking to improve your maths, vocabulary or improve your mental function these top seven apps are the perfect way to train your brain.

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