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Words ending with: ction

17 letter words that end with ction

contradistinction microreproduction photoreproduction

16 letter words that end with ction

macroinstruction magnetostriction microinstruction noncontradiction postresurrection vasoconstriction

15 letter words that end with ction

antivivisection counterreaction dissatisfaction hypercorrection hyperproduction interconnection microdissection microprojection misconstruction misrecollection nonconstruction photoproduction radioprotection retroreflection semiabstraction underproduction

14 letter words that end with ction

antireflection circumspection cotransduction deconstruction microinjection nondisjunction overcorrection overextraction overproduction overprotection photoinduction photoreduction postproduction reconstruction reintroduction superinduction superinfection thermojunction

13 letter words that end with ction

antirejection autoinfection contradiction counteraction disconnection hyperfunction introspection misconnection multifunction nonconduction nonconnection photoreaction postinfection postinjection preconviction preproduction retroflection retrospection subcollection

12 letter words that end with ction

antifriction constriction construction coproduction disaffection disinfection genuflection imperfection insurrection intellection interdiction interjection intersection introduction introjection jurisdiction liquefaction misdirection overreaction petrifaction postelection predilection preinduction preselection putrefaction recollection reconnection reconviction reinspection reproduction resurrection retrodiction satisfaction solifluction stupefaction transduction transfection

11 letter words that end with ction

abstraction abstriction benediction benefaction codirection compunction confliction conjunction contraction dereliction destruction diffraction disfunction disjunction distinction distraction dysfunction indirection instruction interaction liposuction malediction malefaction malfunction metafiction misfunction nonelection obstruction preelection protraction rarefaction redirection reinfection reinjection reselection restriction retroaction subjunction subtraction transaction transection tumefaction valediction venesection vivisection

10 letter words that end with ction

abjunction abreaction adjunction affliction attraction cofunction collection compaction concoction conduction confection connection convection conviction correction deflection detraction dissection expunction extinction extraction infarction inflection infliction infraction injunction inspection intinction midsection nonfiction overaction perfection prediction prelection production projection protection reelection reflection refraction retraction subduction subjection subsection surjection trajection trisection

9 letter words that end with ction

abduction abjection addiction adduction advection affection bijection bisection decoction deduction defection dejection depiction detection direction impaction indiction induction infection injection inunction nonaction objection olfaction redaction reduction refection rejection reliction resection seduction selection

8 letter words that end with ction

coaction eduction ejection election erection evection eviction exaction flection fraction friction function inaction junction reaction sanction stiction traction

7 letter words that end with ction

auction diction faction fiction lection paction ruction section suction taction unction

6 letter words that end with ction