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Words ending with: ence

19 letter words that end with ence

counterintelligence countertransference electroluminescence

18 letter words that end with ence

immunofluorescence thermoluminescence

17 letter words that end with ence

chemiluminescence photoluminescence superintelligence triboluminescence

16 letter words that end with ence

counterinfluence immunocompetence postindependence

15 letter words that end with ence

bioluminescence counterevidence counterviolence hypersomnolence interdependence nonindependence noninterference phosphorescence superintendence thermoremanence videoconference

14 letter words that end with ence

condescendence correspondence grandiloquence interinfluence noncoincidence nonconcurrence nonequivalence omnicompetence overconfidence overdependence overindulgence postexperience preadolescence rejuvenescence teleconference

13 letter words that end with ence

adularescence birefringence circumference clairaudience concupiscence convalescence defervescence deliquescence effervescence efflorescence impercipience incandescence inconsequence inconsistence inconvenience inflorescence intermittence intransigence jurisprudence magniloquence nonconference nonconfidence nonoccurrence postemergence prepubescence pseudoscience recrudescence supereminence transcendence ultraviolence

12 letter words that end with ence

acquiescence alkalescence antiviolence arborescence belligerence codependence concrescence detumescence disobedience equipollence ethnoscience fluorescence impermanence impertinence improvidence inadvertence incalescence incompetence incongruence incontinence indehiscence independence indifference inexpedience inexperience intelligence interference intumescence juvenescence luminescence magnificence misreference multivalence neuroscience nonexistence noninfluence nonresidence obsolescence omnipresence pearlescence preemergence preexistence quintessence reexperience reminiscence reoccurrence resplendence reviviscence subservience transference translucence transparence

11 letter words that end with ence

abscondence accrescence adolescence ambivalence antecedence antiscience beneficence benevolence candescence coalescence coexistence coincidence complacence concurrence conferrence consequence consistence contingence convenience convergence dereference despondence equivalence evanescence excrescence florescence fraudulence impenitence inappetence incoherence inexistence infrequence insentience iridescence irreverence maleficence malevolence munificence nonevidence nonsentence nonviolence omnipotence omniscience opalescence percipience persistence polyvalence preeminence presentence provenience putrescence reemergence submergence subsentence subsequence subsistence turgescence

10 letter words that end with ence

abhorrence abstinence advertence albescence ascendence bioscience competence condolence conference confidence confluence congruence conscience continence corpulence dehiscence dependence deterrence difference diffidence dissidence divergence divulgence ebullience effulgence excellence expedience experience flatulence geoscience impatience imprudence incipience incurrence indulgence insistence insurgence negligence nonscience occurrence permanence pertinence pestilence precedence preference prescience prevalence prominence providence pubescence quiescence recommence recurrence refulgence renascence resentence resilience resurgence senescence somnolence subscience subsidence succulence threepence transience truculence tumescence turbulence virescence

9 letter words that end with ence

accedence accidence acescence adherence adjacence affluence appetence coherence covalence decadence deference diligence effluence eloquence emergence esurience existence feculence frequence halfpence immanence imminence impotence impudence incidence indigence indolence inference influence inherence innocence insolence nescience obedience penitence prurience purulence redolence reference refluence remanence residence reticence reverence sentience stridence vehemence virulence

8 letter words that end with ence

Clarence Florence Laurence Lawrence Provence ambience audience clarence commence credence eminence evidence exigence florence lenience mergence nascence opulence patience presence pretence prudence salience sapience sentence sequence sithence sixpence tangence tendence tenpence tuppence twopence vergence violence

7 letter words that end with ence

absence cadence defence essence faience faïence licence lucence offence potence refence science silence unfence valence

6 letter words that end with ence

Spence spence thence whence

5 letter words that end with ence

fence hence pence