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Words ending with: ize

19 letter words that end with ize


18 letter words that end with ize

deinstitutionalize reinstitutionalize

17 letter words that end with ize

constitutionalize overcommercialize overindustrialize

16 letter words that end with ize

anthropomorphize compartmentalize hypophysectomize institutionalize internationalize

15 letter words that end with ize

conventionalize deindustrialize departmentalize governmentalize intellectualize mischaracterize photosynthesize professionalize reconceptualize recontextualize reindustrialize totalitarianize

14 letter words that end with ize

despiritualize hypersensitize overcapitalize overcentralize overgeneralize overhomogenize overspecialize photosensitize pinealectomize proletarianize respiritualize sensationalize sentimentalize territorialize traditionalize transparentize underemphasize

13 letter words that end with ize

Mohammedanize Occidentalize anagrammatize biosynthesize bureaucratize collateralize commercialize conceptualize contextualize decriminalize dematerialize demythologize denationalize depersonalize desynchronize epigrammatize epithelialize fractionalize hyperimmunize hyperpolarize hyposensitize immaterialize impersonalize individualize industrialize melodramatize monumentalize nephrectomize occidentalize orthogonalize overdramatize overemphasize overfertilize overglamorize particularize platitudinize provincialize reacclimatize recrystallize rehospitalize rematerialize remythologize renationalize republicanize resynchronize resystematize revolutionize splenectomize structuralize subcategorize subspecialize substantivize theatricalize transistorize ventriloquize

12 letter words that end with ize

Christianize adverbialize aestheticize anathematize apostrophize attitudinize characterize collectivize conservatize containerize contemporize copolymerize decentralize demilitarize demineralize denaturalize denuclearize depoliticize depolymerize depressurize diphthongize disharmonize dissocialize editorialize emotionalize essentialize fictionalize insolubilize legitimatize misemphasize municipalize overidealize overorganize parameterize parenthesize philosophize photooxidize pictorialize politicalize porcelainize presterilize propagandize psychologize recapitalize reflectorize reinitialize remilitarize repopularize repressurize resynthesize sectarianize spiritualize subjectivize technicalize technologize thymectomize tranquillize underutilize universalize

11 letter words that end with ize

Americanize Europeanize Hispanicize accessorize acclimatize achromatize alphabetize anesthetize anthologize apotheosize cannibalize catheterize catholicize circularize civilianize colonialize communalize computerize conveyorize cosmeticize criminalize crystallize decarbonize decarburize deemphasize deformalize deglamorize demagnetize democratize desacralize desensitize desexualize destabilize desulfurize detribalize diagonalize dichotomize disorganize emblematize etherealize etymologize euthanatize extemporize exteriorize externalize familiarize formularize fragmentize gourmandize hierarchize historicize hospitalize hyperbolize hypostatize hypothesize immortalize infantilize interiorize internalize marginalize masculinize materialize mathematize memorialize merchandize metastasize miniaturize mythologize nationalize orientalize outorganize overutilize parallelize parametrize parfocalize personalize phagocytize phosphatize photoionize proselytize prussianize rationalize reauthorize reemphasize regionalize rehypnotize renormalize reprivatize resensitize resocialize restabilize romanticize schismatize singularize skeletonize soliloquize standardize suboptimize suburbanize subvocalize synchronize systematize temporalize tranquilize tropicalize vasectomize

10 letter words that end with ize

Africanize Italianize absolutize adulterize aerobicize aerosolize aggrandize albumenize albuminize alcoholize alkalinize allegorize antagonize apostatize automatize autotomize axiomatize bastardize bestialize bipolarize bituminize bolshevize bowdlerize burglarize capitalize caramelize catabolize categorize centralize channelize cinematize classicize concertize concretize crystalize decimalize decolonize decolorize defeminize definitize dehumanize delocalize demobilize demonetize demoralize depolarize derivatize desalinize devitalize devocalize digitalize dolomitize epithelize eternalize evangelize fanaticize federalize fictionize fraternize gelatinize generalize geometrize glamourize gormandize graphitize grecianize heathenize homogenize homologize ideologize illegalize immobilize indigenize initialize italianize jeopardize journalize keratinize lateralize legitimize lexicalize liberalize literalize lobotomize lyophilize lysogenize macadamize metabolize militarize mineralize missionize modularize moisturize mongrelize monopolize musicalize naturalize neutralize palatalize parasitize pasteurize plagiarize plasticize polemicize politicize polygamize polymerize popularize pressurize prioritize prologuize radicalize recanalize recolonize reenergize regularize rehumanize relativize remobilize remonetize reorganize repolarize revalorize revitalize rhapsodize scandalize schematize scrutinize secularize securitize sensualize slenderize solubilize specialize stigmatize strategize symmetrize sympathize syncretize synonymize synthesize theologize thermalize traumatize trichinize trivialize volatilize weatherize westernize

9 letter words that end with ize

Hellenize Platonize actualize advertize alchemize aluminize analogize anatomize anglicize animalize annualize apologize arabicize aromatize authorize bacterize balkanize barbarize brutalize capsulize carbonize carburize cartelize catechize cauterize cicatrize cocainize communize criticize customize deodorize deoxidize diabolize diazotize dieselize dogmatize dramatize economize empathize emphasize epitomize epoxidize eroticize euphemize euthanize expertize factorize fantasize fertilize feudalize formalize formulize fossilize gallicize galvanize geologize germanize ghettoize glamorize globalize gorgonize gothicize harmonize hellenize hybridize hypnotize isomerize italicize jargonize labialize linearize liquidize luteinize magnetize marbleize martyrize mechanize mercerize mesmerize metallize methodize metricize micronize modernize multisize mutualize mythicize narcotize normalize ostracize overprize