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Words that start with: conf

17 letter words that start with conf

confidentialities configurationally confrontationists

16 letter words that start with conf

confessionalisms confessionalists confidentialness confirmabilities confrontationist

15 letter words that start with conf

confectionaries confectioneries confessionalism confessionalist confidentiality confidingnesses configurability configurational confirmednesses confraternities confrontational

14 letter words that start with conf

confabulations confederations confessionally confidentially configurations confirmability confirmational conflagrations conformational confrontations confusednesses

13 letter words that start with conf

confabulating confabulation confabulators confabulatory confectionary confectioners confectionery confederacies confederating confederation confederative conferencings confessionals confidingness configuration configurative confirmations confirmedness confiscatable confiscations conflagration conflictingly conformations confoundingly confraternity confrontation

12 letter words that start with conf

confabulated confabulates confabulator confectioner confederated confederates conferencing conferential conferrences confessional confidential configurable confinements confirmation confirmatory confiscating confiscation confiscators confiscatory conflictions conformances conformation conformities confoundedly confusedness confutations

11 letter words that start with conf

confabulate confections confederacy confederate conferences conferments conferrable conferrence confessable confessedly confessions confidantes confidences confidently confidingly configuring confineable confinement confirmable confirmands confirmedly confiscable confiscated confiscates confiscator conflagrant conflagrate conflations conflictful conflicting confliction conflictive conflictual confluences conformable conformably conformance conformisms conformists confounders confounding confrontals confronters confronting confusingly confusional confutation confutative

10 letter words that start with conf

confabbing confecting confection confederal conference conferment conferrals conferrers conferring confessing confession confessors confidante confidants confidence configured configures confinable confirmand confirming confiscate confiteors confitures conflating conflation conflicted confluence confluents confocally conformers conforming conformism conformist conformity confounded confounder confrontal confronted confronter confusable confusedly confusions

9 letter words that start with conf

confabbed confected conferees conferral conferred conferrer confervae confervas confessed confesses confessor confidant confident confiders confiding configure confiners confining confirmed confiteor confiture conflated conflates conflicts confluent confluxes conformal conformed conformer confounds confreres confronts confrères confusing confusion confuters confuting

8 letter words that start with conf

confects conferee conferva confetti confetto confided confider confides confined confiner confines confirms conflate conflict confocal conforms confound confrere confront confrère confused confuses confuted confuter confutes

7 letter words that start with conf

confabs confect confers confess confide confine confirm confits conflux conform confuse confute

6 letter words that start with conf

confab confer confit