Words ending with: ant

17 letter words that end with ant


15 letter words that end with ant

counterirritant overextravagant

14 letter words that end with ant

anticonvulsant antidepressant antiperspirant cryoprotectant homotransplant monopropellant nonparticipant nonrecombinant nonsignificant pseudopregnant

13 letter words that end with ant

anticoagulant antidesiccant equiponderant hypervigilant insignificant intransigeant introgressant nonintoxicant overexuberant sublieutenant superabundant supermilitant ultramilitant

12 letter words that end with ant

administrant bipropellant blackcurrant concelebrant cosurfactant decongestant discriminant disinfectant disinfestant misdemeanant noncombatant noncompliant nonimmigrant nonmalignant nonobservant nonredundant nonresistant overabundant overdominant premalignant preponderant recalcitrant rehabilitant semidominant somnambulant transductant ultradistant unflamboyant

11 letter words that end with ant

agglutinant antioxidant antiozonant approximant appurtenant clairvoyant codefendant communicant complainant complaisant concomitant conflagrant contaminant corroborant determinant equidistant equilibrant expectorant extravagant gesticulant incognizant incompliant inconsonant inobservant interactant maidservant manifestant matriculant nonconstant nondominant nonirritant nonmilitant nonpregnant nonrelevant nonresonant nonruminant participant perseverant precipitant predominant protuberant recombinant refrigerant remonstrant reverberant scintillant significant subdominant supernatant suppressant surveillant transhumant unbrilliant undertenant unimportant unobservant unreluctant unrepentant unresistant

10 letter words that end with ant

Stuyvesant abirritant accelerant accomptant accountant adulterant altisonant altitonant ameliorant anticipant attractant codominant cohabitant commandant concordant congregant consultant contestant continuant conversant convulsant denaturant depressant descendant detoxicant discordant discrepant discussant disenchant dispersant euphoriant exorbitant flagellant flamboyant flocculant hierophant houseplant illuminant impregnant impuissant incogitant inconstant inhabitant insouciant interplant intolerant intoxicant intriguant irrelevant lieutenant malfeasant manservant ministrant multiplant nonchalant nondeviant nondormant nonmigrant plainchant propellant protectant protestant pursuivant redcurrant registrant resemblant restaurant retreatant solicitant submediant supergiant supplicant surfactant topgallant transplant triumphant unarrogant unhesitant unpleasant unpregnant vociferant

9 letter words that end with ant

absorbant acceptant accordant affirmant allegiant alleviant alternant annuitant appellant appendant applicant arrestant ascendant assailant assistant attendant benignant brilliant celebrant chatoyant clinquant coagulant cognizant combatant compliant confidant conjugant consonant cormorant corposant coruscant covariant crepitant croissant culminant declarant defendant defoliant demandant deodorant dependant desiccant disputant dissonant examinant executant expectant exuberant fabricant fluctuant fulgurant fulminant gallivant humectant immigrant important incessant indignant inebriant inelegant infestant informant injectant inoculant integrant intendant intrigant invariant itinerant leadplant libellant lubricant luxuriant malignant mendicant miscreant negotiant nonextant nonmutant nurturant obscurant observant officiant overplant palpitant penetrant pollutant postulant procreant pustulant reductant redundant reentrant regardant reimplant reluctant repellant repentant repugnant resistant resultant retardant revertant segregant sterilant stimulant subtenant suppliant susurrant sycophant termagant tremulant trenchant trepidant ungallant vicariant

8 letter words that end with ant

abdicant aberrant abradant absonant abundant accusant adjutant adjuvant aliquant alterant ambulant arrogant ashplant aspirant assonant bacchant bouffant claimant colorant constant corybant cosecant cotenant couchant covenant debutant dilatant displant dominant débutant eggplant elephant emigrant equitant evacuant excitant exhalant exsecant exultant faineant figurant flagrant flippant fragrant fumigant galavant galivant grievant guardant habitant hesitant ignorant incitant indicant inerrant inhalant insulant insurant inundant irritant jubilant libelant litigant merchant militant misplant nauseant obeisant occupant oppilant oscitant osculant penchant permeant petulant pheasant pieplant pleasant poignant pregnant preplant puissant pursuant quadrant reactant recreant recusant relaxant relevant resonant retirant revenant roborant ruminant rutilant saturant sergeant serjeant setenant sibilant simulant sonorant stagnant supplant tolerant toxicant undulant unpliant urticant vegetant vesicant vigilant visitant volitant waxplant

7 letter words that end with ant

abeyant adamant affiant agacant alicant amarant amorant bezzant blatant brisant buoyant callant clamant coolant courant currant defiant descant deviant discant distant dormant elegant enchant entrant etchant explant fondant formant gallant gardant gellant hydrant implant instant intrant issuant iterant jessant mediant migrant mordant odorant operant oxidant pageant passant peasant peccant pendant pennant piquant pissant pulsant radiant rampant reboant regnant regrant reliant remnant replant reptant saltant sealant seawant sejeant servant sextant spirant statant titrant ululant unmeant vagrant

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