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Words ending with: ational

19 letter words that end with ational

interdenominational interorganizational nonrepresentational

18 letter words that end with ational

countereducational nonconfrontational

17 letter words that end with ational

intergenerational interpopulational multigenerational nondenominational posttranslational transgenerational

16 letter words that end with ational

discriminational intergradational interpretational nongravitational quantificational reorganizational representational transformational transportational undenominational

15 letter words that end with ational

accommodational acculturational antieducational communicational configurational confrontational demonstrational documentational improvisational interrogational investigational miscegenational nonoccupational orchestrational participational pronunciational recombinational transpirational

14 letter words that end with ational

civilizational compensational condensational confirmational conformational congregational conservational consociational conspirational conversational denominational dispensational dissertational illustrational noneducational nonoperational nonsensational organizational perturbational preoperational presentational progestational

13 letter words that end with ational

aggregational arbitrational associational calculational coeducational collocational combinational computational conjugational connotational convocational correlational declinational deformational examinational expectational explorational fluctuational gravitational hyperrational immigrational incantational inclinational informational inspirational international multinational nonvocational observational orientational oscillational permutational postulational prevocational reformational supernational supranational suprarational terminational translational transnational ultrarational unsensational

12 letter words that end with ational

aberrational adaptational annexational antinational antirational aspirational derivational dilatational excavational foundational generational indicational inhalational innovational intonational invitational invocational irrotational levitational limitational maturational motivational navigational occupational perorational populational recreational reputational salutational speciational vegetational

11 letter words that end with ational

agitational avocational educational gestational gradational lactational librational mediational migrational narrational nonnational nonrational operational probational radiational salvational sensational situational subnational subrational summational valuational variational vibrational

10 letter words that end with ational

binational citational durational equational gyrational ideational irrational lavational locational mutational negational notational nutational relational rotational vocational

9 letter words that end with ational


8 letter words that end with ational

national rational

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