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Words ending with: ce

19 letter words that end with ce

counterintelligence countersurveillance countertransference electroluminescence photoreconnaissance

18 letter words that end with ce

immunofluorescence thermoluminescence

17 letter words that end with ce

chemiluminescence magnetoresistance photoluminescence superintelligence triboluminescence

16 letter words that end with ce

counterinfluence immunocompetence postindependence

15 letter words that end with ce

bioluminescence counterevidence counterinstance counterviolence hypersomnolence interdependence nonindependence noninterference phosphorescence superintendence thermoremanence videoconference

14 letter words that end with ce

condescendence correspondence counterbalance discontinuance discountenance disinheritance grandiloquence hypervigilance insignificance interinfluence intransigeance noncoincidence nonconcurrence nonconformance nonequivalence nonperformance omnicompetence overcompliance overconfidence overdependence overindulgence postexperience preadolescence preperformance reconnaissance rejuvenescence superabundance teleconference

13 letter words that end with ce

adularescence birefringence circumference clairaudience concupiscence convalescence defervescence deliquescence disaffirmance disappearance effervescence efflorescence impercipience incandescence inconsequence inconsistence inconvenience inflorescence intermittence intransigence jurisprudence magniloquence nonacceptance nonappearance nonattendance noncompliance nonconference nonconfidence nonobservance nonoccurrence nonresistance overabundance overdominance postemergence preponderance prepubescence pseudoscience recalcitrance recrudescence supereminence thoroughbrace transcendence transmittance ultradistance ultraviolence

12 letter words that end with ce

acquaintance acquiescence alkalescence antiviolence appurtenance arborescence belligerence chimneypiece circumstance clairvoyance codependence complaisance concomitance concrescence counterforce detumescence disallowance disobedience dissemblance disseverance equipollence ethnoscience extravagance fluorescence frontispiece happenchance happenstance hypersurface impermanence impertinence improvidence inadvertence incalescence incognizance incompetence incongruence inconsonance incontinence indehiscence independence indifference inexpedience inexperience inobservance intelligence intemperance interference interservice intumescence juvenescence luminescence magnificence microbalance mispronounce misreference multiservice multivalence neuroscience nonexistence noninfluence noninsurance nonresidence obsolescence omnipresence outreproduce overissuance overreliance pearlescence perseverance phosphoresce precipitance preclearance predominance preemergence preexistence protuberance quintessence reappearance recognizance reconveyance reexperience reminiscence remonstrance reoccurrence resplendence reviviscence significance subservience surveillance transference transhumance translucence transparence undersurface unimportance

11 letter words that end with ce

abscondence absorptance accrescence acquittance adolescence aleggeaunce ambivalence antecedence antiscience attractance beneficence benevolence candescence capacitance centerpiece chrominance coalescence coexistence coincidence coinsurance comeuppance commonplace complacence concordance concurrence conductance conferrence conformance consequence consistence contingence continuance contrivance convenience convergence conversance cotransduce countenance deliverance dereference despondence discordance disturbance encumbrance equivalence evanescence excrescence exorbitance flamboyance florescence forbearance forbiddance fraudulence furtherance illuminance impenitence impuissance inappetence incoherence inexistence infrequence inhabitance inheritance insentience insouciance interoffice intolerance iridescence irrelevance irreverence letterspace maintenance maleficence malevolence malfeasance malpractice mantelpiece marketplace masterpiece mesalliance misalliance misfeasance misguidance multisource munificence nonchalance nonevidence nonfeasance nonsentence nonviolence omnipotence omniscience opalescence outdistance overbalance overproduce overservice percipience performance persistence photoreduce polyvalence postdivorce preannounce preeminence presentence provenience putrescence reassurance reemergence reflectance reinsurance reintroduce remembrance renaissance resemblance stringpiece submergence subsentence subsequence subsistence superinduce transpierce turgescence

10 letter words that end with ce

abhorrence absorbance abstinence acceptance accomplice accordance admiraunce admittance advertence affirmance afterpiece albescence allegeance allegiance altarpiece alternance antipolice appearance applesauce apprentice ascendance ascendence assistance attendance bioscience birthplace brilliance cantatrice chatoyance cockatrice cognizance competence compliance condolence conference confidence confluence congruence connivance conscience consonance continence convalesce conveyance corpulence covariance crawlspace crosspiece cyberspace defeasance dehiscence deliquesce dentifrice dependance dependence desistance deterrence difference diffidence directrice disservice dissidence dissonance divergence divulgence ebullience effervesce effloresce effulgence everyplace excellence expectance expedience experience exuberance fieldpiece flatulence geoscience governance grandniece hydrospace hyperspace immittance impatience importance imprudence incandesce incipience incurrence inductance indulgence inelegance insistence insurgence intendance interspace interstice invariance irradiance luxuriance malignance misbalance monstrance mouthpiece multipiece negligence nonscience nurturance observance occurrence ordonnance outbalance outproduce penetrance permanence pertinence pestilence precedence preference prefinance prescience preservice prevalence prominence provenance providence pubescence purtenance purveyance quiescence recommence reconvince recrudesce recurrence reentrance refulgence reluctance remittance renascence repentance reprobance repugnance resentence resilience resistance resurgence scapegrace senescence shankpiece somnolence subscience subsidence subsurface succulence sufferance suppliance survivance sustenance temperance threepence transience truculence tumescence turbulence uncoalesce underprice vicariance virescence

9 letter words that end with ce

Constance aberrance abondance abundance accedence accidence acescence acquiesce adherence adjacence admirance aerospace affluence

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