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Words ending with: cies

19 letter words that end with cies

counterconspiracies counterinsurgencies

18 letter words that end with cies


17 letter words that end with cies

countertendencies interdependencies nonbelligerencies pseudopregnancies superefficiencies superintendencies

16 letter words that end with cies

correspondencies insignificancies

15 letter words that end with cies

adiathermancies gyrofrequencies inconsistencies inconveniencies indeterminacies insufficiencies intermittencies preponderancies recalcitrancies thalassocracies transcendencies

14 letter words that end with cies

alkalescencies belligerencies codependencies constituencies extravagancies gerontocracies illegitimacies impermanencies impertinencies inadvertencies inarticulacies incompetencies incontinencies independencies indifferencies inefficiencies inexpediencies intermediacies noncandidacies nonemergencies nonresidencies pantisocracies precipitancies predominancies preoccupancies radiolucencies resplendencies significancies subserviencies supersecrecies translucencies transparencies

13 letter words that end with cies

accountancies ambivalencies aristocracies astringencies attractancies bureaucracies chieftaincies complacencies concurrencies confederacies conservancies consistencies consultancies contingencies conveniencies convergencies conversancies delinquencies despondencies determinacies discordancies discrepancies equivalencies excrescencies flamboyancies gynecocracies inconstancies infrequencies inhabitancies irrelevancies lieutenancies malevolencies meritocracies oneiromancies paramountcies persistencies plantocracies proficiencies prolificacies rhabdomancies stratocracies subliteracies sufficiencies superagencies technocracies totipotencies vicegerencies

12 letter words that end with cies

abhorrencies absorbancies absorbencies abstinencies acceptancies accordancies accumbencies advertencies antipiracies articulacies ascendancies ascendencies bankruptcies benignancies brilliancies chaplaincies chatoyancies chiromancies competencies compliancies complicacies congruencies consonancies conspiracies corpulencies deficiencies degeneracies dependencies detergencies divergencies ebulliencies effeminacies efficiencies episcopacies excellencies expectancies expediencies flatulencies hydromancies illiteracies immaculacies immoderacies importancies inaccuracies inadequacies incessancies incipiencies inclemencies incumbencies indelicacies inefficacies innumeracies insistencies insolvencies insurgencies interspecies intraspecies inveteracies itinerancies legitimacies magistracies malignancies mendicancies multispecies necromancies nonfluencies ochlocracies permanencies pertinencies plutocracies postulancies precedencies prepotencies presidencies profligacies recumbencies redundancies regeneracies reluctancies repellencies repugnancies resiliencies slavocracies stringencies subjacencies subpotencies subtenancies sycophancies transiencies trenchancies truculencies turbulencies viscountcies

11 letter words that end with cies

aberrancies abundancies acescencies adhocracies adjacencies adjutancies adjuvancies aeromancies affluencies aliteracies appetencies autocracies baronetcies candidacies captaincies cenospecies coherencies colonelcies constancies contumacies covalencies decadencies democracies dilatancies diplomacies emergencies exultancies flagrancies flippancies fragrancies frequencies gynocracies hesitancies immanencies immediacies imminencies impotencies indecencies inerrancies innocencies intestacies intricacies inviolacies marshalcies militancies mobocracies monocracies obstinacies occupancies petulancies plangencies poignancies pregnancies pruriencies pyromancies recusancies relevancies renitencies residencies reticencies sergeancies stagnancies stridencies subagencies superficies supremacies surrogacies theocracies timocracies virulencies

10 letter words that end with cies

abeyancies accuracies adamancies adequacies advocacies apostacies blatancies brevetcies buoyancies celibacies clemencies coagencies cornetcies currencies delegacies delicacies deviancies dormancies ecospecies efficacies elegancies eminencies ensigncies exigencies federacies feminacies fervencies geomancies gramercies impolicies instancies intimacies isocracies lambencies leniencies literacies mordancies nascencies normalcies numeracies obduracies opulencies peccancies pendencies pharmacies piquancies prophecies pungencies radiancies rampancies regnancies saliencies sapiencies sequencies solvencies subspecies tangencies tendencies theodicies turgencies ultimacies vagrancies valiancies verdancies vibrancies

9 letter words that end with cies

abbotcies ardencies cadencies cogencies decencies errancies eustacies fallacies fluencies infancies latencies lucencies mediacies monoecies patencies pliancies potencies prelacies primacies privacies pudencies recencies regencies secrecies tenancies testacies truancies urgencies vacancies valencies

8 letter words that end with cies

abbacies agencies curacies dioecies idiocies legacies lunacies papacies piracies policies

7 letter words that end with cies

boccies fancies farcies mercies nancies species

6 letter words that end with cies


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