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Words ending with: ent

19 letter words that end with ent


18 letter words that end with ent

disenfranchisement electroluminescent gedankenexperiment

17 letter words that end with ent

antiestablishment counterdeployment countergovernment immunofluorescent overembellishment thermoluminescent

16 letter words that end with ent

antiunemployment chemiluminescent counterinsurgent counterstatement disestablishment disfranchisement embourgeoisement hyperdevelopment hyperintelligent malapportionment microenvironment nonentertainment nonestablishment nonreappointment superintelligent triboluminescent underachievement underdevelopment undernourishment

15 letter words that end with ent

acknowledgement affranchisement antidevelopment counterargument countermovement disentanglement disillusionment eclaircissement enfranchisement hyperexcitement immunocompetent immunodeficient micromanagement overachievement overdevelopment reapportionment reestablishment semitranslucent semitransparent superconvenient supergovernment ultraconvenient underemployment underinvestment

14 letter words that end with ent

absorbefacient accomplishment acknowledgment aggrandisement aggrandizement antigovernment antimanagement arrondissement bioluminescent bouleversement countercurrent disappointment disarrangement disconcertment discontentment discouragement disembowelment disenchantment disfurnishment disgruntlement disheartenment divertissement extinguishment hyperefficient impoverishment interdependent intertwinement malnourishment mismeasurement multicomponent nonachievement nonbelligerent nondevelopment nonenforcement nonfluorescent nonfulfillment noninstallment noninvolvement nontransparent overadjustment overassessment overcommitment overinvestment overrefinement phosphorescent postadolescent postretirement prearrangement predevelopment recommencement relinquishment semiretirement subdevelopment superabsorbent superconfident supercontinent superefficient superincumbent superintendent thermoremanent ultracompetent ultraefficient understatement

13 letter words that end with ent

abortifacient accompaniment accoustrement admeasurement advertisement advertizement affreightment apportionment ascertainment bamboozlement beleaguerment circumambient cobelligerent correspondent disburdenment disembodiment disengagement disfigurement disinvestment dismantlement dismemberment disparagement embarrassment embellishment embranglement embrittlement encompassment encouragement enlightenment ensorcellment entertainment establishment forestallment grandiloquent hypervirulent immunosorbent interlacement macronutrient maladjustment microfilament micronutrient misemployment misgovernment mismanagement multifilament nonattachment noncommitment nonconcurrent noncontingent nondelinquent nonemployment nonengagement nonequivalent nongovernment nonmanagement nonpersistent nonrespondent omnicompetent overconfident overdependent overindulgent overinsistent overstatement overtreatment postpubescent posttreatment preadolescent precommitment preemployment preenrollment preexperiment prefigurement preordainment preretirement presettlement pretournament pronouncement rapprochement reappointment rearrangement reconcilement redevelopment refurbishment reimbursement reinforcement reinstatement rejuvenescent remeasurement replenishment semipermanent subadolescent subdepartment subemployment subgovernment thermoelement transshipment unbelligerent unintelligent unreminiscent vouchsafement

12 letter words that end with ent

accouchement accouplement accouterment accoutrement accustrement admonishment adularescent affrightment aggrievement amortisement amortizement announcement appraisement astonishment bedazzlement befuddlement belittlement bewilderment birefringent blandishment chastisement circumfluent circumjacent clairaudient comanagement commencement concupiscent constringent convalescent corespondent counteragent crosscurrent decipherment deliquescent demolishment denouncement dethronement diminishment disagreement disbursement disendowment disgorgement disguisement dishevelment disinterment dislodgement displacement disseverment effervescent efflorescent embattlement embezzlement embitterment emblazonment empoisonment empressement encipherment encirclement encroachment endangerment enfeeblement enshrinement entanglement enthrallment enthronement entrancement entrenchment estrangement hereditament impercipient imprisonment incandescent inconsequent inconsistent inconvenient inflorescent infotainment infringement insufficient intercurrent intermittent intersegment intransigent intromittent inveiglement jurisprudent languishment magniloquent maltreatment microelement misalignment misplacement misrepresent misstatement mistreatment monofilament multielement nonabsorbent nonalignment noncongruent nondependent nonincumbent nonnegligent nonrecurrent nontreatment nonturbulent outplacement overdocument overornament photocurrent postaccident postponement prepubescent presentiment pretreatment privatdocent privatdozent quadrivalent radioelement readjustment reassessment reassignment reattachment recommitment recrudescent redeployment reemployment reengagement reenlistment reindictment reinvestment renouncement resettlement ressentiment retrenchment seropurulent somnifacient stablishment subcomponent subcontinent supercurrent supereminent supervenient transcendent ultraviolent unambivalent uncomplacent undercurrent undergarment underlayment underpayment unemployment unsettlement

11 letter words that end with ent

abandonment abolishment abridgement acaulescent achievement acquiescent acquirement adjournment adjudgement adultescent advancement afforcement alkalescent amerciament antistudent appeasement appointment arbitrament arborescent arraignment arrangement assuagement bedevilment bedizenment beguilement belligerent bereavement bewitchment bicomponent bombardment codependent coefficient commandment compartment comportment concealment concernment concrescent confinement congealment consignment constituent containment contentment controlment copresident corecipient curettement curtailment debouchment debridement deforcement depravement derangement despisement despoilment detrainment detumescent development disablement disarmament disbandment discernment dislodgment disobedient disportment dissentient dissepiment divorcement edutainment embracement embroilment emplacement empowerment enchainment enchantment endorsement enfeoffment enforcement enframement engorgement engraftment engrossment enhancement enjambement enlargement enlivenment ennoblement enslavement ensnarement entitlement entrainment entreatment entrustment envelopment environment equipollent fluorescent fulfillment garnishment glabrescent grandparent houseparent impeachment imperilment impermanent impertinent impingement impoundment impressment improvement improvident inadvertent incalescent incompetent incongruent inconscient incontinent indehiscent independent indifferent indorsement inefficient inexpedient installment instillment intelligent intumescent involvement juvenescent luminescent

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