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Words ending with: ently

16 letter words that end with ently

countercurrently interdependently phosphorescently superincumbently

15 letter words that end with ently

circumambiently grandiloquently overconfidently unintelligently

14 letter words that end with ently

clairaudiently effervescently incandescently inconsequently inconsistently inconveniently insufficiently intermittently intransigently magniloquently supereminently transcendently unambivalently

13 letter words that end with ently

acquiescently belligerently constituently disobediently equipollently impermanently impertinently improvidently inadvertently incompetently incongruently incontinently independently indifferently inefficiently inexpediently intelligently magnificently mellifluently obsolescently reminiscently resplendently subserviently translucently transparently

12 letter words that end with ently

adolescently ambivalently antecedently astringently beneficently benevolently coincidently complacently concurrently consequently consistently contingently conveniently delinquently despondently equivalently excrescently fraudulently impenitently inapparently incoherently ineloquently infrequently iridescently irreverently malevolently munificently nonviolently omnipotently omnisciently opalescently percipiently persistently preeminently preveniently proficiently subsequently sufficiently

11 letter words that end with ently

abhorrently abstinently advertently competently confidently congruently continently corpulently deficiently dependently deterrently differently diffidently divergently ebulliently efficiently excellently expediently flatulently impatiently imprudently incipiently inclemently indulgently insistently insurgently negligently permanently pertinently pestilently prepotently presciently prevalently prominently providently quiescently recumbently recurrently repellently resiliently somnolently stringently subjacently succulently transiently truculently turbulently

10 letter words that end with ently

accidently adherently adjacently afferently affluently apparently coherently covalently decadently diligently efferently eloquently esuriently frequently immanently imminently impotently impudently indecently indigently indolently inherently innocently insolently luculently obediently penitently plangently pruriently redolently reticently reverently sentiently stridently vehemently virulently

9 letter words that end with ently

anciently clemently contently currently eminently evidently exigently fervently fulgently lambently leniently opulently patiently presently prudently pungently saliently sapiently solvently violently

8 letter words that end with ently

absently ardently cogently decently fluently intently latently lucently momently patently potently recently silently ungently urgently

6 letter words that end with ently


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