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Words ending with: ification

19 letter words that end with ification

antidesertification interstratification

18 letter words that end with ification

bourgeoisification overclassification overidentification oversimplification polyesterification transmogrification

17 letter words that end with ification

misclassification misidentification subclassification

16 letter words that end with ification

declassification dehumidification disqualification misspecification precertification prequalification reclassification resolidification saccharification

15 letter words that end with ification

commodification deacidification decalcification decertification demagnification demystification denitrification desertification devitrification diversification electrification exemplification frenchification indemnification intensification latensification objectification personification premodification prenotification recertification refortification requalification syllabification

14 letter words that end with ification

ammonification beautification classification detoxification emulsification esterification fructification gentrification humidification identification prettification preunification quantification recodification revivification rigidification sanctification saponification silicification simplification solidification stratification stultification

13 letter words that end with ification

acetification acidification amplification beatification calcification caprification certification clarification coalification cornification dandification densification dulcification falsification fortification glorification gratification jollification justification lignification lithification magnification metrification mollification mortification mummification mystification nitrification nullification petrification pontification qualification rectification reunification scarification signification specification versification vitrification zombification

12 letter words that end with ification

aerification basification citification codification gasification humification modification nidification notification ossification pacification purification ramification ratification typification uglification verification vilification vinification vivification

11 letter words that end with ification

deification edification reification unification

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