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Words ending with: ine

24 letter words that end with ine


22 letter words that end with ine


19 letter words that end with ine

dimethylnitrosamine phenylpropanolamine phosphatidylcholine

18 letter words that end with ine

diethylcarbamazine dimethyltryptamine

17 letter words that end with ine

australopithecine chlortetracycline cryptocrystalline dextroamphetamine dihydroergotamine dimethylhydrazine hydroxytryptamine

16 letter words that end with ine

intercrystalline microcrystalline phenylethylamine pithecanthropine triiodothyronine

15 letter words that end with ine

cyanocobalamine cyclohexylamine diphenhydramine interlacustrine methamphetamine monocrystalline multidiscipline oxytetracycline phosphocreatine polycrystalline semicrystalline succinylcholine trifluoperazine

14 letter words that end with ine

azidothymidine benzodiazepine chlorpromazine cholestyramine cyproheptadine hydroxyproline hypermasculine mercaptopurine methylxanthine neuroendocrine nitroglycerine nonclandestine noncrystalline norepinephrine organochlorine pararosaniline phthalocyanine supermasculine ultramasculine

13 letter words that end with ine

acetylcholine aminophylline amitriptyline amitryptyline antihistamine antisubmarine bromocriptine catecholamine cephaloridine diphenylamine dryopithecine eugeosyncline galactosamine hydroxylamine isoalloxazine naphthylamine noradrenaline nortriptyline oleomargarine penicillamine phencyclidine phenmetrazine phenothiazine phenylalanine phenylephrine physostigmine pyrimethamine rhadamanthine subdiscipline ultrafeminine

12 letter words that end with ine

aeromedicine antifeminine arsphenamine azathioprine brilliantine cyclosporine demimondaine ethanolamine extrauterine fluphenazine guanethidine hypoxanthine indiscipline intrauterine isoprenaline labyrinthine mecamylamine multivoltine newsmagazine nonpasserine oversanguine perphenazine phentolamine postdeadline predetermine procarbazine pyridoxamine salamandrine sulfadiazine superheroine tetracycline theophylline thermohaline thioridazine transpontine tubocurarine

11 letter words that end with ine

Benedictine Constantine Diophantine accipitrine acriflavine alabastrine alexandrine alycompaine amaranthine amethystine aminopyrine amphetamine antiheroine apomorphine barquentine biomedicine chloroquine cinnabarine clandestine clothesline codetermine consanguine countermine crystalline cyclazocine cycloserine desipramine doxycycline elephantine epinephrine erythrosine geanticline geosyncline glucosamine hyacinthine hydralazine hydroxyzine hyoscyamine hypersaline incarnadine internecine langoustine methenamine methylamine monkeyshine multiengine neostigmine nitrosamine pentamidine pentazocine pilocarpine platyrrhine redetermine scopolamine spessartine sphingosine stenohaline theobromine thermocline transalpine transmarine ultramarine unmasculine veratridine vinblastine vincristine

10 letter words that end with ine

Benzedrine Brandywine Clementine Evangeline Florentine Jacqueline Pearlstine Philippine Proserpine aberdevine adamantine adrenaline adulterine alabandine alpestrine amantadine amarantine amianthine anopheline antipyrine aquamarine asparagine aventurine barkentine benzocaine borderline branchline brigandine brigantine cadaverine catarrhine centerline chatelaine chloramine châtelaine cimetidine cinchonine citrulline colchicine creatinine cysteamine delphinine discipline disincline earthshine ensanguine ergonovine ergotamine euryhaline fescennine fettuccine guillotine imipramine intertwine iridosmine isoleucine lacustrine lymphokine margravine meperidine methedrine methionine microcline mousseline nalorphine nifedipine nonroutine papaverine phenacaine philistine piperazine piperidine plasticine polylysine predestine psittacine putrescine pyridoxine pyrimidine quarantine quinacrine saccharine sapphirine scaloppine semidivine serpentine smaragdine strandline streamline strychnine submachine subroutine tambourine tetracaine timberline tourmaline trampoline travertine tryptamine turpentine tyrocidine unfeminine vespertine zidovudine

9 letter words that end with ine

Augustine Bernadine Brookline Byzantine Catharine Catherine Christine Dexedrine Dramamine Ernestine Geraldine Josephine Katharine Katherine Madeleine Palestine aborigine acanthine aconitine adenosine alabamine albespine alizarine almandine anticline arccosine arecoline argentine aubergine bengaline benzidine berberine bisontine bloodline bombazine breadline byzantine calcimine carnitine celandine cisalpine clonidine coastline cobaltine colubrine columbine concubine coralline covelline crinoline determine driveline eglantine endocrine ephedrine estuarine ethionine extermine falconine fettucine frontline gabardine gaberdine galantine gallamine glutamine glycerine grapevine gregarine grenadine guanidine guanosine guideline halocline histamine histidine holocrine hydrazine hyperfine infantine inquiline interline intestine jessamine libertine lidocaine limousine macedoine madeleine mandoline margarine masculine meclizine merocrine mescaline messaline mezzanine misdefine monoamine monocline moonshine multiline muscadine muscarine nectarine nemertine nepheline nightline nonsaline novocaine organzine ornithine pargyline passerine percaline peregrine phenazine phosphine polyamine porcupine predefine prolamine protamine pteridine quinidine quinoline recombine reexamine reimagine reserpine rhodamine ridgeline safranine saturnine shoeshine shoreline sibylline sightline signorine silkaline silkoline sparteine storyline subalpine submarine superfine tangerine threonine thylacine thymidine thyroxine toluidine touchline tricotine truckline ultrafine underline undermine valentine veratrine vicereine vitelline vulturine waistline waterline wolverine yohimbine zibelline

8 letter words that end with ine

Caroline Francine Jeannine Lorraine Madeline acauline acridine aegirine alcidine algerine alkaline amandine andesine anserine apocrine aquiline arginine astatine atrazine atropine baculine balkline baseline beltline beryline blueline bubaline buntline bustline caffeine calamine calycine camphine carabine cavatine chlorine coalmine colicine compline creatine croceine culicine curarine cysteine cytidine

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