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Words ending with: ites

20 letter words that end with ites


16 letter words that end with ites

hydroxylapatites montmorillonites

15 letter words that end with ites

antimetabolites hydroxyapatites micrometeorites

14 letter words that end with ites

anthophyllites archimandrites conjunctivites diverticulites hermaphrodites hyperparasites rhodochrosites

13 letter words that end with ites

aerosiderites agalmatolites arsenopyrites blatherskites chalcopyrites cholecystites dumortierites ectoparasites endoparasites granodiorites grossularites hellgrammites hypochlorites prerequisites pyromorphites pyrophyllites semiparasites stromatolites strontianites subsatellites tetrahedrites transvestites wollastonites

12 letter words that end with ites

acolouthites alexandrites amblygonites amphibolites anorthosites apophyllites appendicites bleacherites cassiterites corequisites cosmopolites crocidolites crystallites endometrites epididymites folliculites franklinites greenockites heteroclites labradorites langbeinites madreporites molybdenites nephelinites pentlandites phosphorites pyrargyrites shergottites sillimanites smithsonites spessartites suburbanites toxophilites trophozoites vermiculites vesuvianites

11 letter words that end with ites

achondrites actinolites alabandites andalusites anthracites asphaltites carnallites catabolites chalcocites chrysolites cofavorites colemanites cordierites endopodites exurbanites gadolinites galleryites garnierites ghostwrites glauconites graptolites heulandites ignimbrites indefinites kimberlites lepidolites marguerites martensites mastoidites metabolites novaculites overexcites peridotites periostites peritonites perovskites perquisites phlogopites plebiscites pneumonites prostatites pyrolusites pyroxenites pyrrhotites salpingites samarskites siderolites smaragdites sperrylites sphalerites spherulites spondylites sporozoites stalactites stalagmites staurolites superelites theodolites thorianites thyroidites tiemannites tonsillites trailerites underwrites wolframites

10 letter words that end with ites

Heraclites Israelites Mennonites Muscovites actualites albertites almandites amazonites anchorites andradites anglesites anhydrites anorthites antielites aragonites argentites argillites austenites bedlamites belemnites bentonites bisulfites bronchites carnotites celestites cellulites cementites cerussites cervicites chondrites cobaltites coenobites columbites composites coprolites covellites dawsonites dermatites diatomites disinvites elaterites erythrites evaporites exquisites extradites fibrosites frostbites fulgurites gelignites geyserites gingivites granulites haematites handwrites hessonites hiddenites hypocrites kaolinites kieserites laryngites lintwhites magnesites magnetites malachites manganites marcasites margarites merozoites meteorites millerites monzonites morganites muscovites natrolites nephelites niccolites olivenites overwrites ozocerites ozokerites pegmatites phenacites phenakites phonolites phosphites pigeonites preterites proustites quartzites requisites rhodolites rhodonites rubellites saprolites satellites scapolites scheelites scolecites sepiolites snakebites socialites sylvanites tantalites tanzanites tendinites tendonites tholeiites tracheites tremolites trilobites turbidites tympanites typewrites uintahites uraninites urethrites uvarovites valvulites willemites witherites wulfenites

9 letter words that end with ites

adamsites aegirites aerolites allanites amberites ammonites analcites andesites ankerites aphanites appetites arsenites autunites backbites bobwhites boehmites bombsites boracites braunites brookites calamites campsites catamites cenobites cerusites cheddites chlorites chromites cleveites crocoites cryolites dendrites disunites dolerites dolomites dynamites eclogites epizoites essonites euxenites expedites favorites fayalites fleabites flinkites fluorites galenites gibbsites gnathites goethites graphites hellkites hematites homesites ilmenites infinites jarosites kamacites kryolites laborites laterites lazulites lazurites lewisites limonites localites maximites melanites melilites melinites mesquites mezquites mimetites miswrites monazites mylonites nephrites nonwhites opposites outwrites overbites parakites parasites pearlites phyllites pisolites preunites psammites psephites pumicites reignites reincites reinvites retinites rhyolites rolamites ruralites saponites sclerites selenites siderites skywrites smaltites smectites sodalites sodomites stannites steatites sternites stibnites stilbites sulphites sybarites taconites tenorites tephrites thermites titanites totemites trichites triplites troilites uintaites umangites urbanites wellsites zaratites

8 letter words that end with ites

aconites acquites alunites amosites apatites arenites azurites bauxites biotites bornites burkites calcites chedites coesites cordites cowrites crinites crudites crudités cuprites cyanites despites diorites dunnites ebonites egalites eremites eucrites felsites ferrites gahnites gothites granites gummites haplites hessites hoplites hyalites ichnites inosites jadeites kainites kernites kunzites kyanites leucites lignites lyddites mannites marlites marmites miscites mullites nitrites penlites perlites picrites requites respites reunites rewrites sienites stipites stylites subsites sulfites syenites sylvites tectites tektites tergites termites thorites tillites turgites ulexites unakites uralites uranites websites yperites zeolites zincites zoisites

7 letter words that end with ites

Shiites accites acmites albites aplites ascites augites barites cerites curites dunites endites equites excites finites fomites gunites halites ignites illites incites indites invites iolites lenites limites norites oolites ophites pelites petites

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