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Words ending with: ngs

20 letter words that end with ngs


19 letter words that end with ngs

counteradvertisings counterprogrammings

18 letter words that end with ngs


17 letter words that end with ngs

microprogrammings misunderstandings multiprogrammings nonmanufacturings phototypesettings scandalmongerings teleconferencings

16 letter words that end with ngs

micropublishings multiprocessings phrasemongerings weatherboardings

15 letter words that end with ngs

backscatterings bioengineerings bremsstrahlungs countershadings electrofishings electrowinnings featherbeddings fingerprintings fortunetellings groundbreakings immunoblottings mountaineerings nonengineerings nonoverlappings photoengravings photofinishings rumormongerings silversmithings steeplechasings strikebreakings teleprocessings wappenschawings weltanschauungs whistleblowings

14 letter words that end with ngs

blacksmithings brainstormings cabinetmakings fellmongerings fictioneerings fingerpickings gelandesprungs hairsplittings housebreakings housecleanings hydrocrackings letterspacings manufacturings merchandisings merchandizings moneygrubbings narrowcastings playwrightings presentencings prizefightings restructurings sharpshootings sheepshearings skateboardings sportscastings sportswritings stepparentings streetwalkings telemarketings toothbrushings troublemakings underclothings underpaintings understaffings understandings waterproofings weightliftings woolgatherings

13 letter words that end with ngs

afterburnings backstabbings ballhandlings blockbustings bloodlettings bluestockings boardsailings boatbuildings bodybuildings brainwashings breadwinnings broadcastings bullfightings cheeseparings childbearings cockfightings concertgoings conferencings conveyancings coprocessings crossbandings crosscuttings faultfindings flowchartings freethinkings glassblowings hairdressings handwringings hardstandings heartburnings housekeepings housewarmings interworkings letterboxings linebreedings locksmithings metalworkings microbrewings minesweepings motorboatings multitaskings noncomplyings noncorrodings nonhappenings orienteerings paperhangings peacekeepings pettifoggings phrasemakings premarketings rockhoundings safecrackings sailboardings sandpaintings scapegoatings shareholdings sheepherdings shipbuildings slaveholdings smallholdings snowboardings snowmobilings sonneteerings speedboatings sportfishings stockbrokings stockjobbings stonecuttings storytellings thanksgivings theatergoings trampolinings trapshootings typefoundings undercoatings underpinnings wainscottings warmongerings waterfowlings whitewashings

12 letter words that end with ngs

advertisings advertizings aerobrakings airboardings antihuntings baserunnings bearbaitings bedcoverings bobsleddings bonefishings bookbindings bookkeepings booksellings bricklayings bullbaitings bulldoggings bushrangings chitterlings christenings churchgoings cornhuskings counsellings daylightings dressmakings drumbeatings earthmovings engineerings everlastings filmsettings folksingings forewarnings freewritings frostbitings fundraisings glassmakings goaltendings gunslingings gunsmithings haircuttings hairstylings handfastings handholdings handrailings handwritings heartstrings ingatherings interfacings interlinings interrobangs kneecappings landholdings latchstrings lawbreakings linebackings linecastings longshorings maneuverings marathonings matchmakings meatpackings merrymakings misspellings moneymakings monophthongs moviemakings mudslingings newswritings noisemakings nonbreedings nonbuildings nonthinkings offscourings outbreedings outbuildings outcroppings outsourcings overcastings overhuntings painstakings papermakings parasailings pathfindings pawnbrokings peacemakings platemakings playwritings posteditings printmakings programmings questionings racewalkings railroadings roadholdings ropedancings safekeepings sailboatings scaffoldings scuppernongs shellackings shortcomings songwritings soothsayings steelmakings stocktakings superstrings surroundings talebearings timekeepings timeservings tinsmithings tobogganings topdressings tracklayings typesettings typewritings undertakings wainscotings watchmakings waterskiings wildfowlings windjammings windsurfings withholdings woodcarvings woodcuttings woodworkings

11 letter words that end with ngs

accountings afflictings affrontings almsgivings backbitings balloonings beekeepings biofoulings blackenings blunderings bookmakings broadenings burnishings caregivings caretakings carjackings cartoonings changelings counselings cradlesongs debriefings doomsayings drawstrings enamellings featherings filmmakings fingerlings forebodings fosterlings foxhuntings furnishings gadroonings gaingivings glimmerings groundlings gunrunnings hairsprings handsprings headsprings homecomings homemakings hopsackings iceboatings imprintings inbreedings infightings interabangs kickboxings kidnappings landownings launderings lifesavings lipreadings lobsterings logrollings lovemakings lutestrings mainsprings meanderings moviegoings mythmakings networkings nonearnings nonhousings nonmeetings operagoings outpourings pacemakings patternings pencillings pigeonwings plasterings playactings playmakings pothuntings prewritings princelings proceedings programings publishings quarterings rainmakings regroupings respellings rosemalings russettings sanderlings scatterings scribblings sequencings shoestrings shortenings shunpikings signifyings skibobbings skyjackings skywritings smatterings soldierings spelunkings sprinklings stargazings starvelings subceilings subheadings sweetenings thickenings toolmakings trailerings triphthongs turfskiings upbringings vanpoolings weatherings wellsprings whisperings winemakings wrongdoings

10 letter words that end with ngs

abhorrings abseilings awakenings backswings bedsprings beginnings beheadings belongings billabongs blazonings boomerangs borrowings bowstrings breathings breechings brokerings buffetings carpetings catfacings censorings churchings clearwings cocoonings corbelings couponings cracklings crumblings deadenings deservings dieselings diphthongs downswings earthlings embeddings engravings evildoings eyestrings factorings fastenings ferretings financings fingerings firstlings flavorings fledglings fletchings flouncings flowerings followings foundlings gatherings grapplings greenlings greenwings groundings gruellings grumblings gutterings hammerings hamstrings hankerings happenings hardenings hatchlings hijackings imaginings inclinings inholdings inpourings jawbonings joyridings kurrajongs launchings lawmakings lawyerings leavenings letterings lightnings mapmakings marketings misgivings murmurings mutterings numberings offsprings outgivings overswings oysterings panellings parentings pencilings plainsongs playthings poisonings posturings promptings quarryings ravellings reasonings

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