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Words ending with: re

21 letter words that end with re


16 letter words that end with re

countersignature microvasculature multibillionaire multimillionaire superbillionaire supermillionaire

15 letter words that end with re

antiforeclosure counterpressure nonarchitecture postdivestiture technostructure

14 letter words that end with re

Worcestershire commissionaire concessionaire counterculture countermeasure distemperature extraordinaire infrastructure macrostructure microminiature microstructure nondoctrinaire premanufacture sporangiophore superstructure ultimogeniture ultraminiature ultrastructure understructure

13 letter words that end with re

Staffordshire aerostructure amakwerekwere arboriculture asthenosphere chlamydospore chromatophore conservatoire improvisatore magnetosphere micropuncture nondisclosure nonforfeiture pneumatophore primogeniture questionnaire remanufacture spermatophore subliterature underexposure undoctrinaire urediniospore

12 letter words that end with re

abbreviature acciaccature aecidiospore amphitheatre antipleasure architecture basidiospore chromosphere citriculture conidiophore discomfiture discomposure floriculture hereinbefore horticulture intercompare interculture intermixture magistrature microculture misadventure multipicture nomenclature overexposure overpressure peradventure photogravure pisciculture postexposure postfracture predeparture prestructure silviculture siphonophore somatopleure stratosphere subminiature substructure sylviculture teleutospore thermosphere thoroughfare venipuncture

11 letter words that end with re

Bonaventure Shakespeare Terpsichore abandonware acupressure acupuncture aecidospore agriculture antiseizure antiwelfare aquaculture aquiculture arthrospore bathysphere billionaire blastospore boutonniere boutonnière candidature carabiniere chromophore condottiere conjuncture consigliere consigliore contracture counterfire crackleware disjuncture displeasure divestiture doctrinaire earthenware entablature expenditure foreclosure forevermore furthermore gametophore graniteware hydrosphere incurvature insectivore investiture kinetochore kitchenware lacquerware legionnaire legislature lithosphere manufacture mariculture melanophore microampere microsphere milliampere millionaire monoculture musculature ozonosphere photosphere planisphere ploughshare portraiture reconfigure reconnoitre relicensure restructure rhizosphere rotogravure sericulture supernature supersedure temperature theretofore transfigure trochophore troposphere urediospore vasculature viniculture viticulture zillionaire

10 letter words that end with re

Baudelaire Derbyshire Devonshire Frigidaire Lancashire Montmartre Swarthmore actinomere aeciospore aerosphere alongshore antinature apiculture atmosphere aviculture battledore blastomere blastopore cacciatore caricature carpophore carpospore centromere chromomere commissure commixture compradore conjecture contexture corsetiere courseware couturiere ctenophore dinnerware disclosure embouchure enamelware escritoire everywhere forfeiture fourragere foursquare granophyre healthcare hemisphere heretofore hollowware hyperaware impressure ionosphere jardiniere jardinière jasperware judicature kerseymere lavalliere leptospire literature lophophore lusterware mesosphere microspore middleware minaudiere nunciature otherwhere overinsure overmature photophore praemunire prefecture premeasure prerequire quadrature reexposure repertoire rhabdomere roquelaure silverware smoothbore spongeware sporophore stavesacre subculture subseizure superstore teliospore tetraspore threadbare threescore underscore uredospore vivandiere willowware woodenware yellowware

9 letter words that end with re

Baltimore Barrymore Berkshire Blackmore Guinevere Hampshire Livermore Salvatore Singapore Wiltshire Yorkshire acrospire adipocere admeasure admixture adventure aerophore affixture aftercare agateware antiglare ascospore belvedere biosphere bookstore brassiere broodmare brushfire calenture carnivore cassimere ceasefire chaussure chevelure childcare chinaware coculture cofeature commodore composure configure confiture coverture creamware crossfire curvature debenture defeature delftware departure disfigure disposure drugstore dulcimore ecosphere elsewhere embrasure enclosure endospore enrapture exosphere extempore fieldfare fioriture foreshore foreswore fourscore frugivore furniture garniture glassware gonophore grandsire groupware gynophore hackamore heartsore hellebore herbivore holloware hydrosere hyperpure immixture imposture inclosure indenture insincere interfere involucre ionophore lakeshore lavaliere licensure luminaire macromere madrepore manoeuvre manticore megaspore metalware micromere micropore microware miniature nearshore nevermore nightmare nonsecure noosphere outfigure persevere phosphore plowshare pourboire prefigure prelature premature procedure reacquire recapture reexplore reinspire remeasure rencontre retexture retrofire ricercare sarcomere scripture sculpture semaphore sepulchre sepulture setsquare shareware shellfire signature simulacre solitaire somewhere sophomore stevedore stoneware stricture structure tablature tableware therefore tightwire timeshare transpire treenware ultrapure ultrarare vaporware wherefore zygospore

8 letter words that end with re

Biltmore Cheshire Delaware Fillmore McIntyre Medicare Rushmore Theodore Voltaire Wilshire abampere accoutre albacore albicore antimere anywhere aperture arcature armature backfire balefire barbwire bayadere booklore brochure bushfire cadastre campfire camphire caneware cashmere casimere casimire ceinture centiare cincture claymore clayware coadmire cocksure coendure coiffure coinhere coinsure compadre confrere confrère conspire cookware creature cubature cynosure decentre denature derriere derrière diaspore dishware doublure drawbore drumfire ectomere eglatere ensphere entendre evermore exospore exposure

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