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Words ending with: res

22 letter words that end with res


17 letter words that end with res

countersignatures microvasculatures multibillionaires multimillionaires superbillionaires supermillionaires

16 letter words that end with res

counterpressures nonarchitectures technostructures

15 letter words that end with res

commissionaires concessionaires countercultures countermeasures distemperatures infrastructures macrostructures microstructures premanufactures sporangiophores superstructures ultimogenitures ultrastructures understructures

14 letter words that end with res

aerostructures arboricultures asthenospheres chlamydospores chromatophores conquistadores conservatoires improvisatores magnetospheres micropunctures nondisclosures nonforfeitures pneumatophores primogenitures questionnaires remanufactures spermatophores subliteratures underexposures urediniospores

13 letter words that end with res

abbreviatures aecidiospores amphitheatres antipleasures architectures basidiospores chromospheres citricultures conidiophores discomfitures discomposures floricultures horticultures intercompares intercultures intermixtures magistratures microcultures misadventures nomenclatures overexposures overpressures peradventures photogravures piscicultures postfractures predepartures prestructures silvicultures siphonophores somatopleures stratospheres substructures sylvicultures teleutospores thermospheres thoroughfares venipunctures

12 letter words that end with res

abandonwares acupressures acupunctures aecidospores agricultures aquacultures aquicultures arthrospores bathyspheres billionaires blastospores boutonnieres boutonnières candidatures chromophores conjunctures contractures counterfires cracklewares disjunctures displeasures divestitures doctrinaires earthenwares entablatures expenditures foreclosures gametophores granitewares hydrospheres incurvatures insectivores investitures kinetochores kitchenwares lacquerwares legionnaires legislatures lithospheres manufactures maricultures melanophores microamperes microspheres milliamperes millionaires monocultures musculatures ozonospheres photospheres planispheres ploughshares portraitures reconfigures reconnoitres relicensures restructures rhizospheres rotogravures sericultures supernatures supersedures temperatures transfigures trochophores tropospheres urediospores vasculatures vinicultures viticultures zillionaires

11 letter words that end with res

actinomeres aeciospores aerospheres antinatures apicultures atmospheres avicultures battledores blastomeres blastopores caricatures carpophores carpospores centromeres chromomeres commissures commixtures compradores conjectures contextures corsetieres coursewares couturieres ctenophores dinnerwares disclosures embouchures enamelwares escritoires forfeitures fourrageres granophyres hemispheres hollowwares impressures ionospheres jardinieres jardinières jasperwares judicatures kerseymeres lavallieres leptospires literatures lophophores lusterwares mesospheres microspores minaudieres nunciatures overinsures photophores praemunires prefectures premeasures prerequires quadratures reexposures repertoires rhabdomeres roquelaures silverwares smoothbores spongewares sporophores stavesacres subcultures subseizures superstores teliospores tetraspores underscores uredospores vivandieres willowwares woodenwares yellowwares

10 letter words that end with res

Berkshires abductores acrospires adipoceres admeasures admixtures adventures aerophores affixtures aftercares agatewares ascospores belvederes biospheres bookstores brassieres broodmares brushfires calentures carnivores cassimeres ceasefires chaussures chevelures chinawares cocultures cofeatures commodores composures configures confitures covertures creamwares crossfires curvatures debentures defeatures delftwares departures disfigures disposures drugstores dulcimores ecospheres embrasures enclosures endospores enraptures exospheres fieldfares foreshores frugivores furnitures garnitures glasswares gonophores grandsires gynophores hackamores hellebores herbivores hollowares housewares hydroseres immixtures impostures inclosures indentures interferes involucres ionophores lakeshores lavalieres licensures luminaires macromeres madrepores manoeuvres manticores megaspores metalwares micromeres micropores microwares miniatures nightmares noospheres outfigures perseveres phosphores plowshares pourboires prefigures prelatures prematures procedures pronatores reacquires recaptures reexplores reinspires remeasures rencontres retextures retrofires sarcomeres scriptures sculptures semaphores sepulchres sepultures setsquares sharewares shellfires signatures simulacres solitaires somewheres sophomores stevedores stonewares strictures structures tablatures tablewares tightwires timeshares traditores transpires treenwares vaporwares wherefores zygospores

9 letter words that end with res

abamperes accoutres albacores albicores antimeres anywheres apertures arcatures armatures backfires balefires barbwires bayaderes bolivares booklores brochures bushfires cadastres campfires camphires canewares cashmeres casimeres casimires ceintures centiares cinctures claymores claywares coadmires coendures coiffures coinheres coinsures compadres confreres confrères conspires cookwares creatures cubatures cynosures decentres denatures derrieres derrières diaspores dishwares doublures drawbores drumfires ectomeres eglateres enspheres exospores exposures filatures firmwares flatwares folklores fractures genitures giftwares gonopores hangfires hardwares hardwires hellfires immatures incisures inspheres ironwares isochores isotheres jointures junctures levatores ligatures manicures massacres medicares mesomeres metameres milliares misereres moistures omnivores oospheres outglares outscores outsnores outstares ovenwares overcures overdares overtires overtures paradores parterres pedicures perspires picadores pinafores pleasures podomeres poechores polypores portieres portières premieres prescores pressures punctures quagmires reassures refigures reinjures reinsures renatures resecures rotatores sagamores samphires sapphires sautoires scissures seashores sinecures slipwares softwares spitfires stemwares subgenres sycamores sycomores telomeres temblores

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