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Words ending with: ries

24 letter words that end with ries


22 letter words that end with ries

counterrevolutionaries immunohistochemistries

21 letter words that end with ries


20 letter words that end with ries

spectrofluorometries ultrarevolutionaries

19 letter words that end with ries

antirevolutionaries microdensitometries spectrophotometries ultracontemporaries

18 letter words that end with ries

electrochemistries mechanochemistries microcalorimetries nonrevolutionaries sphygmomanometries

17 letter words that end with ries

biogeochemistries immunochemistries insurrectionaries microphotometries neuropsychiatries noncontemporaries orthopsychiatries plenipotentiaries quatercentenaries semidocumentaries sesquicentenaries stereochemistries thermochemistries

16 letter words that end with ries

cosmochemistries cytophotometries diffractometries electrosurgeries histochemistries interferometries microcircuitries neurochemistries nondocumentaries nonproprietaries partridgeberries petrochemistries photochemistries photogrammetries phytochemistries radiochemistries radiotelemetries turbomachineries undersecretaries

15 letter words that end with ries

alcoholometries anthropometries carpetbaggeries complementaries confectionaries confectioneries contradictories cytochemistries interrogatories methylmercuries mountebankeries nincompooperies nonstationaries psychohistories psychosurgeries quincentenaries reflectometries refractometries revolutionaries stoichiometries supernumeraries supersymmetries

14 letter words that end with ries

agroforestries agroindustries archdeaconries biochemistries biotelemetries buffaloberries cephalometries checkerberries chemosurgeries conservatories constabularies contemporaries daredeviltries densitometries dispensatories distributaries ethnohistories flimflammeries geochemistries greengroceries haberdasheries intermediaries magnetometries microbreweries microsurgeries nephelometries neurosurgeries nonsecretories paramilitaries passementeries penitentiaries pettifoggeries prediscoveries premaxillaries prothonotaries protohistories psychrometries respirometries sensitometries serviceberries shellfisheries skullduggeries spectrometries stonemasonries subdirectories submaxillaries subsecretaries tercentenaries thimbleberries trigonometries turbidimetries usufructuaries valetudinaries whortleberries wordsmitheries

13 letter words that end with ries

actinometries alkalimetries anniversaries antiphonaries antislaveries axisymmetries backcountries beneficiaries bibliolatries bicentenaries bimillenaries bookbinderies boysenberries calefactories calorimetries candleberries caravansaries chancelleries chancellories charlatanries chokecherries chronometries colorimetries coparcenaries cordwaineries cosignatories craniometries cryosurgeries daredevilries demagogueries dilatometries dingleberries dissymmetries documentaries dynamometries farkleberries fellmongeries fluorimetries fluorometries freemasonries functionaries gallimaufries gimcrackeries grotesqueries haphazardries heterospories housewiferies huckleberries ironmongeries japonaiseries lingonberries manufactories masticatories morphometries nondeliveries observatories phalansteries polarimetries poltrooneries predeliveries preliminaries proprietaries protonotaries psychometries questionaries reactionaries rediscoveries reformatories salmonberries seismometries silverberries skulduggeries stipendiaries subcategories subcontraries subindustries subtreasuries superluxuries suppositories tensiometries thermometries valedictories whigmaleeries winterberries

12 letter words that end with ries

acidimetries aldermanries ambulatories anemometries apothecaries astrometries audiometries baptisteries bardolatries bathymetries bewitcheries blackberries buffooneries bunchberries camaraderies capitularies characteries charcuteries chartularies chinaberries chinoiseries chokeberries clearstories clerestories cloudberries commanderies commentaries commissaries compulsories consistories coralberries coulometries countercries debaucheries depilatories depositaries depositories dictionaries dispensaries distilleries drysalteries effronteries elderberries emblazonries embroideries epistolaries espiegleries festooneries fritillaries gadzookeries gendarmeries goniometries gooseberries gravimetries heliolatries humbuggeries iconolatries incendiaries intermarries invitatories jackasseries judicatories kilocalories laboratories lampooneries lectionaries loganberries marqueteries millihenries missionaries noncountries nonlibraries pensionaries photometries phylacteries pleasantries prebendaries preceptories prehistories presbyteries promontories protectories psychiatries quaternaries radiometries redeliveries refractories repositories responsories rowanberries salutatories sheepberries sociometries spirometries stationeries strawberries subsidiaries sugarberries suspensories tomfooleries trajectories understories upholsteries veterinaries viscometries vocabularies voluptuaries youngberries

11 letter words that end with ries

abortuaries accessaries accessories adversaries aerometries algometries allometries allopatries allosteries allotteries altimetries amphigories ancientries ancillaries antiquaries antistories artilleries asymmetries auxiliaries baneberries baptistries barometries bearberries bijouteries bizarreries blaeberries blueberries brusqueries cabinetries capillaries carpentries cartularies cassowaries casuistries centenaries chandleries chemistries chicaneries circuitries citizenries comraderies corollaries costumeries coxcombries cranberries crematories crowberries cuckoldries deerberries dentistries dignitaries directories discoveries dormitories dosimetries dromedaries dundrearies dysenteries electuaries embraceries fallaleries feudatories fiduciaries floristries formicaries formularies gallantries gimmickries glengarries hackberries herbivories homospories husbandries imaginaries infirmaries insectaries inventories itineraries janissaries jewelleries judiciaries knobkerries legionaries machineries mandataries mandatories manometries marquetries maxillaries mercenaries mesenteries microcuries midwiferies millenaries millicuries millineries missileries monasteries necessaries offertories officiaries optometries osmometries overstories pageantries palmistries parcenaries parquetries patisseries peasantries pellitories perfumeries peripheries pituitaries pokeberries polyandries purgatories pyrometries raspberries refectories reliquaries repertories rotisseries sanctuaries secondaries secretaries seigneuries seigniories shadberries shrubberies signatories snowberries soapberries sophistries stitcheries stranguries syllabaries telemetries temporaries termitaries territories tonometries treacheries tributaries trinketries twinberries vainglories villageries visionaries voluntaries vulneraries wolfberries zemindaries

10 letter words that end with ries

Februaries adulteries advisories advoutries aleatories allegories ancestries anticaries apospories artistries auditories axillaries balladries banditries barberries barratries barretries basketries bayberries bestiaries bilberries biometries bistouries blazonries bloomeries botcheries bottomries boundaries boxberries brasseries breviaries

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