Words ending with: tates

28 letter words that end with tates


18 letter words that end with tates


14 letter words that end with tates


13 letter words that end with tates

counterstates disorientates incapacitates oxaloacetates rehabilitates

12 letter words that end with tates

decrepitates fragmentates ingurgitates necessitates oxalacetates precipitates premeditates regurgitates reorientates resuscitates

11 letter words that end with tates

abirritates auscultates autorotates capacitates commentates debilitates decapitates dissertates excogitates facilitates felicitates habilitates interstates microstates quantitates revegetates superstates triacetates understates

10 letter words that end with tates

aspartates commutates crepitates devastates downstates gravitates intestates ministates nictitates orientates overstates palmitates palpitates potentates reinstates reluctates tungstates

9 letter words that end with tates

amputates annotates apostates cavitates cogitates corotates edentates eructates hebetates hesitates irritates levitates meditates militates misstates outstates prostates sanitates spectates substates tractates vegetates veritates

8 letter words that end with tates

acetates agitates dictates gestates imitates instates lactates nictates pectates restates testates unstates upstates

7 letter words that end with tates

estates metates mutates notates nutates rotates

6 letter words that end with tates


5 letter words that end with tates


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