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Words ending with: tation

21 letter words that end with tation


19 letter words that end with tation

homotransplantation immunoprecipitation photointerpretation underrepresentation

18 letter words that end with tation

overinterpretation overrepresentation

17 letter words that end with tation

counteradaptation hyperalimentation hyperpigmentation misinterpretation misrepresentation

16 letter words that end with tation

compartmentation nonconfrontation overexploitation prestidigitation reimplementation reinterpretation

15 letter words that end with tation

complementation experimentation instrumentation interdigitation intervisitation nonexploitation overexpectation photoexcitation preimplantation reaccreditation reafforestation supplementation transplantation

14 letter words that end with tation

blaxploitation depigmentation disinfestation disorientation implementation incapacitation interpretation miscomputation misorientation nonimportation postamputation rehabilitation reimplantation representation transportation vasodilatation

13 letter words that end with tation

acclimatation accreditation afforestation argumentation confrontation decrepitation deforestation documentation fragmentation frequentation ingurgitation maladaptation manifestation necessitation ornamentation preadaptation precipitation premeditation recomputation reexportation reforestation regimentation regurgitation reimportation reinfestation reorientation resuscitation sedimentation sexploitation superfetation supplantation teleportation transmutation

12 letter words that end with tation

SPARCstation alimentation augmentation auscultation autorotation capacitation coadaptation cohabitation consultation contestation debilitation decapitation delimitation dissertation encrustation excogitation exercitation explantation exploitation facilitation felicitation fermentation habilitation implantation incrustation inhabitation insanitation interstation labanotation misquotation pigmentation placentation presentation protestation quantitation replantation revegetation segmentation solicitation sternutation superstation sustentation

11 letter words that end with tation

ablactation acceptation aerostation affectation assentation attestation cementation coarctation commutation computation confutation connotation crepitation decantation degustation delectation deportation detestation devastation disputation elicitation exhortation expectation exportation fomentation forestation gravitation impartation importation incantation indentation infestation jactitation lamentation miscitation molestation occultation orientation ostentation palpitation permutation recantation reluctation workstation

10 letter words that end with tation

adaptation amputation annotation capitation cavitation coaptation cogitation corotation cunctation denotation deputation dilatation dubitation equitation eructation exaltation excitation exultation flirtation floatation habitation hebetation hesitation imputation incitation invitation irritation levitation limitation meditation outstation plantation punctation recitation refutation reputation salutation sanitation substation temptation vegetation visitation

9 letter words that end with tation

agitation dictation flotation gestation gustation guttation imitation lactation mentation quotation saltation siltation

8 letter words that end with tation

citation dotation fetation mutation natation notation nutation potation rotation

7 letter words that end with tation