Words ending with: ve

20 letter words that end with ve


18 letter words that end with ve


17 letter words that end with ve

contradistinctive counterproductive electroconvulsive immunosuppressive misrepresentative neurodegenerative nonrepresentative superconservative superregenerative ultraconservative

16 letter words that end with ve

antihypertensive archconservative contraindicative counterincentive counterintuitive counteroffensive hypercompetitive magnetostrictive mechanoreceptive noncommunicative overconservative philoprogenitive semiconservative semiquantitative supercompetitive ultraprogressive unrepresentative vasoconstrictive

15 letter words that end with ve

anticompetitive antiprogressive antispeculative electronegative electropositive excommunicative hyperaggressive hyperresponsive incommunicative intersubjective intussusceptive neoconservative nonconservative nonconstructive nonexploitative nonquantitative nonreproductive overimaginative phosphorylative photoconductive prognosticative radioprotective retroreflective subcontraoctave superconductive uncommunicative undemonstrative

14 letter words that end with ve

administrative anticonvulsive antiderivative antireflective antisubversive autoregressive chemoreceptive conglomerative contrapositive cryoprotective deconstructive disaggregative discriminative disintegrative hypersensitive immunoreactive inappreciative interoperative interpretative multiplicative nonacquisitive noncommutative noncompetitive nonconsecutive nonconsumptive noncooperative nondescriptive nondestructive nondistinctive noninteractive nonprogressive nonradioactive nonrestrictive nonretroactive nonspeculative overaggressive overprotective photoinductive photooxidative photoreceptive photosensitive proprioceptive radiosensitive reconstructive redintegrative redistributive rehabilitative representative substantiative supereffective superexpensive supersensitive transformative ultraexclusive ultrasensitive unappreciative unconstructive

13 letter words that end with ve

accommodative acculturative aerodigestive agglomerative agglutinative anticorrosive antinarrative appropriative approximative argumentative authoritative collaborative commemorative commiserative communicative comprehensive concentrative confederative configurative contaminative contemplative contraceptive corresponsive corroborative counteractive demonstrative deteriorative determinative disseminative dissimilative electromotive exteroceptive extrapolative frequentative gesticulative hyperreactive inconsecutive incorporative indistinctive intercalative interoceptive interpolative interrogative introgressive introspective investigative justificative nonabsorptive nonaggressive nonautomotive nonconductive noncumulative nonderivative nondiscursive nondispersive nondisruptive nonevaluative nonexploitive nonfigurative nonpermissive nonproductive nonresponsive nonsubjective overassertive oversensitive overtalkative participative photoemissive photonegative photopositive postoperative precipitative prefigurative premeditative proliferative ratiocinative reciprocative recriminative reduplicative reintegrative remonstrative resuscitative retrogressive retrospective reverberative significative subordinative transgressive transmutative uncompetitive uncooperative unimaginative uninformative uninstructive unprogressive unrestrictive

12 letter words that end with ve

accelerative accumulative adjudicative alimentative alliterative amalgamative ameliorative annihilative anticipative anticreative apperceptive appreciative apprehensive articulative asseverative assimilative augmentative auscultative compensative conciliative consecrative conservative constitutive constrictive constructive consultative consummative continuative contraoctave contributive coordinative cryopreserve decongestive degenerative deliberative denominative denunciative depreciative desiderative disincentive dissociative distributive ditransitive exaggerative excogitative exhilarative exploitative facilitative fermentative hypertensive illuminative illustrative imperceptive imperfective inconclusive inexpressive infiltrative intellective interdictive interinvolve interpretive interruptive intransitive introversive irrespective irresponsive maladjustive manipulative nonaddictive nonassertive noncognitive noncombative noncorrosive nondeceptive nondeductive nondirective noneffective nonexclusive nonexecutive nonexplosive nonimitative noninductive noninfective nonintrusive nonintuitive nonnarrative nonnormative nonnutritive nonobjective nonoperative nonpurposive nonselective nonsensitive normotensive obliterative opinionative performative photoengrave posteruptive postpositive precognitive preoperative prescriptive presentative preservative preventative proscriptive psychoactive putrefactive quantitative recuperative regenerative remunerative renunciative repercussive reprehensive reproductive retrodictive seronegative seropositive substitutive supermassive sustentative transmissive unaggressive unattractive underachieve unexpressive unimpressive unperceptive unpersuasive unproductive unreflective unresponsive vituperative

11 letter words that end with ve

abstractive acetylative acquisitive adumbrative adversative affirmative affricative aggregative alleviative altercative alternative antitussive appellative applicative arbitrative argumentive associative assortative attributive calculative carminative circulative coextensive colligative combinative commutative comparative competitive compressive conflictive confutative conjugative conjunctive connotative consecutive consumptive contractive contrastive cooperative corporative correlative countermove declarative deformative degradative delineative denigrative descriptive desiccative designative destructive devastative deverbative diapositive disjunctive dispositive dissipative distinctive distractive duplicative elaborative eliminative elucidative enumerative eradicative evaporative exfoliative exhortative exonerative expectative explanative explicative explorative extirpative facultative germinative gravitative hereinabove hyperactive hypotensive imaginative implicative inattentive ineffective inequivalve inexpensive informative inoculative inoffensive inoperative inquisitive inscriptive insensitive insinuative instigative instinctive institutive instructive integrative interactive irradiative irreflexive legislative lubricative maladaptive meliorative microgroove misconceive misperceive neuroactive nociceptive nonabrasive nonadaptive nonadditive nonadhesive noncoercive noncreative nonelective noninvasive nonnegative nonpunitive nonreactive nonrelative nuncupative obstructive originative overachieve penetrative persecutive personative perspective preadaptive preconceive predicative preparative prepositive prerogative presumptive procreative progressive prohibitive propagative prospective protractive provocative qualitative radioactive rebarbative reeducative reformative reiterative replicative reprobative restorative restrictive

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